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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Keeping Self-Supporting Activities Records


Working Documents - Working documents are unofficial yet trustworthy documents used to support business activities. Examples include copies of official records retained for your convenience or preliminary planning documents. Self-supporting records consist of documentation supporting the creation of self-supporting funds, development of rates, charges for goods or services sold, posting of journal entries, information reported on year-end fact sheets, and reconciliation of self-supporting funds.

Temporary Documents - Temporary documents are transitory and not records or working documents. Examples include drafts, reference materials, and routine correspondence.

UAFR Responsibilities

University Accounting and Financial Reporting (UAFR) retains:

  • Approved copies of Banner Fund, Program, and Index Code Request forms - permanently
  • Year-End Fact Sheet - current fiscal year and 5 previous fiscal years
  • Maintains records of information and schedules supplied to UAFR to complete the individual state sales tax returns (summary data), and the actual return itself, along with proof of remittance to the states.

Unit Responsibilities

Your unit must retain the following for the current fiscal year and 5 previous fiscal years:

  • Details that substantiate amounts reported on fact sheets
  • Documentation that supports the calculation of rates for goods or services sold to customers
  • Reconciliations of unit self-supporting C-FOAPALs
  • Merchandise inventory records, including results of the physical inventory
  • Documentation that supports journal voucher entries; for example, emails, written notes, or spreadsheets
  • Internal stores/service requisitions for goods or services sold
  • Documentation that the sales transaction occurred, the dollar amount of the sale, and any sales tax collected.

For assistance, consult your unit Records Liaison or records contact, if you have one, or the Records and Information Management Services team.

Additional Resources

Records and Information Management Services
Urbana - University Archives
Chicago - University Archives
Springfield - Archives/Special Collections

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