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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

12.1.8 Add Donated, Found, and Other Non-Cash Addition Equipment to Banner

Policy Statement

All equipment $2,500 or more must be recorded in Banner, even if your unit did not purchase it. 

If the equipment is a gift, submit a Report of Gift Received Transmittal form to the University Foundation.

If the equipment has been permanently transferred from another institution, it will become property of the University/State of Illinois unless the research sponsor has mandated otherwise. Even if the equipment title will not pass to the University of Illinois System, the equipment must still be added to Banner Fixed Assets.

If the equipment is on loan from another institution, consult with University Property Accounting and Reporting for recording in Banner Fixed Assets.


To add non-cash addition equipment to Banner:

  1. Determine the type of non-cash addition and confirm the fair market value is $2,500 or greater.

  2. Log in to FABweb.

  3. Select "Process a New Acquisition for Banner Fixed Asset."

  4. Select "Create a new non-cash record."

  5. Follow the instructions to email Property Accounting.

  6. Property Accounting will review your email, process a JV, and will directly create the non-cash addition record in Banner.

Equipment from another University
When equipment from another university has accompanied a researcher, determining how to record that asset can be complex because each situation may be unique:

  1. Consult with University Property Accounting and Reporting to determine the proper recording of the asset. Provide documentation that the former institution is transferring title, along with attributes required for entry into Banner Fixed Asset. If the former institution is NOT transferring title, the equipment remains the property of the sponsoring agency until the sponsor either relieves the system of accountability in writing or the title is transferred to the system:
  • As part of the sponsor's agreement
  • At the request of the system and with the written approval of the sponsor
  1. Property Accounting will work with you to add the equipment to Banner inventory.

Forms Used in this Procedure

Gift Transmittal

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