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Payments to Vendors

Find Invoice Rejects in Banner Document Management (BDM)

For access to Banner Document Management (BDM), also known as WebXtender, please contact your Unit Security Contact (USC).

University Payables priority is to process the complete and accurate invoices in the open queue. If a unit or vendor submits an invoice for payment and that invoice does not appear in Banner, units can search in BDM by the vendor's invoice number, invoice date and/or the invoice amount. If the vendor invoice has rejected, the Banner Invoice Number ('I' number in BDM) will be INVREJCT. Current technology does not allow for units to be notified when an invoice is rejected.
If a unit finds that an invoice has rejected, they should:

  • Review the invoice to determine the missing or incorrect information. The most common reasons why invoices reject are:
    • the invoice contains a duplicate vendor invoice number
    • the purchase order is closed
    • Additional reasons include, but are not limited to:

    • Highlighted sections
    • Red ink or red text (which often cannot be read by scanning equipment)
  • Email with the correct information and the invoice will be processed according to purchase order terms.

UPAY reviews the rejected invoices to locate and process payable invoices, but due to the number which reject per week (hundreds to thousands), unit assistance in locating their rejected invoices and providing corrected information to UPAY will speed up the process.

For additional information about BDM, please click on Banner Document Management (BDM) Basics

Last Updated: May 31, 2016

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