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Payments to Vendors

Payments to Vendors and Students Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchase Order Payables

Questions asked by Payee/Vendor

Questions asked by Department or Campus Unit

Purchase Order Payables

Q. What if I receive an invoice from the vendor?
A. If a purchase order related invoice is mailed to your department by the vendor, please forward to the Invoice Processing Center at PO Box 820, Rantoul, IL 61866.  Ensure the Purchase Order number is referenced on the invoice.

Q. What is the amount that University Payables will allow for an invoice variance?
A. For Banner regular orders and iBuy standing orders, the invoice will be processed for payment unless an invoice line exceeds the corresponding PO line by either 10% or $150 when the lower threshold of the two is exceeded. Banner standing orders are subject to the same thresholds but are evaluated on the PO total.

Questions asked by Payee/Vendor

Q. How do I apply the check I received to the University of Illinois System account?
A. Vendors and individual payees should contact the University Payables Customer Service office at 217-333-6583 or by email at

Q. Have you received my invoice and what is the current status for payment?
A. Vendors and individual payees should contact the University Payables Customer Service office at 217-333-6583 or by email at

Q. Where should I send invoices issued for fulfillment of University of Illinois System Purchase Orders?
A. All purchase order invoices must have the University of Illinois System purchase order number clearly referenced and should be sent to the following address for processing:

Invoice Processing Center
P O Box 820
Rantoul, IL 61866

Q. Where do I submit an invoice for payment if a purchase order number was not provided?
A. Invoices issued on orders placed without a purchase order must be sent directly to the individual or department that placed the order. Please contact the person (or department) who placed the order for the appropriate address for mailing the invoice.

Q. How do I get in touch with the Invoice Processing Center in Rantoul?
A. The invoice processing center does not take calls about invoices or payments. All invoice and payment questions should be directed to the University Payables Customer Service located on the Urbana campus. Please use one of the following contact methods:

Invoice Processing Center
University Payables Customer Service
Phone: 217-333-6583 or 888-872-9953
FAX: 217-239-6840

Q. How do I locate someone at the University of Illinois System when I am not sure where they work?
A. Please call the campus operator at 217-333-1000 or use the on-line phone directory at the University of Illinois Directory.

Questions asked by Department or Campus Unit

Q. What is a purchase order?
A. A purchase order number is issued and received by the department after a requisition has been properly completed and submitted through the iBuy or Banner requisitioning processes. This number must be included on the vendor invoices or payment cannot be made. For additional information about purchase orders, please contact your university purchasing office.

Q. How do I see an invoice image in the Banner Document Management (BDM)?
A. Please review the job aid available for Viewing Images Using BDM from FOIDOCH.

Q. Who do I contact if an invoice or voucher image is not available in BDM?
A. Please contact University Payables Customer Service staff at 217-333-6583 or by email at

Q. What is a Receiving Report and how do I complete it?
A. Some invoices require that an acknowledgement for receipt of goods/services be made before payment can occur. Receiving Reports provide a mechanism for departments/receivers to provide that acknowledgement.
Please contact your campus purchasing office or visit the OBFS Training Center for Purchasing for additional information.
Basic Receiving Job Aid
Receiving 101 Course Guide

Q. Do I have to use the new Vendor Information form?
A. Yes. See Vendor Set-up/Update on the OBFS web page under Payments to Vendors. The Vendor Information Form must be completed to set up new vendors in the University System. This form serves as a substitute W9 form, provides certifications for vendor type, vendor diversity information, and conflict of interest statements. Instructions are posted on the OBFS Web for Vendor Setup and Update.

Q. Does a new Vendor Information Form need to be submitted for each university and type of financial transaction that will use the same vendor?
A. No. The Vendor Information Form is required only once for initial set-up in Banner for each vendor with a unique Tax Identification Number (SSN, FEIN, TIN). Once the vendor information form has been received and verified as complete, the vendor is set-up in Banner. This information is then available for use in all financial transactions for the University of Illinois System at all universities and for all payment types. For existing vendors in Banner, a new Vendor Information Form will need to be requested only if a current Vendor Information Form is not on file or the vendor information, certifications, or corporate status has changed. Instructions are posted on the OBFS Web for Vendor Setup and Update.

Q. How do I decide what method should be used to procure and pay for goods or services?
A. Please review the Business and Financial Policies and Procedures Manual.

Q. How do I have a payment (check or direct deposit) cancelled, replaced, or confirmed?
A. The Payment Action Request Form is used to submit requests for check or direct deposit payment problems that require an action for resolution. Please review the detailed instructions for the Payment Action Request form posted on the OBFS Web Payments to Vendors and Students, Payment Action Requests.

Q. How is a vendor credit memo processed and deducted from payment in Banner?
A. A vendor credit memo for the return or adjustment of goods or services previously invoiced is processed following the same procedures as an invoice with the exception of marking the "Credit Memo" check box on the transaction. The Accounts Payable system maintains a running total of all invoice and credit transactions processed against a single Vendor ID/Address combination regardless of the originating encumbrance, department, or university location. Payment is issued when the accumulated invoice payment amounts exceed the credits for a single Vendor ID/Address combination. The payment remittance advice lists all invoice and credit transactions included in the net total of the payment. If the credit received completes the outstanding business for a vendor, the credit is processed until a refund can be requested and received for deposit.

Last Updated: September 18, 2019


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