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Payments to Foreign Nationals

Foreign National Payments Resource Page

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Job aids, infographics and online courses are available to assist you in making a payment to a foreign national nonresident alien.

These resources are organized by the basic steps followed when submitting a payment request.

Web-Based Courses

These online courses explain how to use the available resources to correctly submit payment requests for foreign nationals.

Overviews How to Submit a Foreign National Payment (by Payment Type)

Step 1: Identify or Verify the Payment Type

Make sure you know what kind of foreign national payment you need to make.


Step 2: Check Payment Eligibility

Make sure the person you want to pay has an eligible visa status.

Step 3: Gather Required Forms and Documentation

Make sure you include all the forms and documents required for the visa status

Step 4: Submit the Payment Request

Follow step-by-step instructions to submit a payment request for each payment type.

Resources by Payment Types

Awards and Prizes

Expense Reimbursements


Human Subject Payments

Independent Contractor



Other Payments

Last updated: May 9, 2019

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