Grants & Sponsored Projects

Grants & Sponsored Projects

The University conducts sponsored research, teaching, and other activities funded by sponsors outside the University. The Office of Grants & Contracts at each campus supports University faculty and their departments in the administration and expenditure of sponsored project awards by developing and disseminating policies and procedures, managing the financial interactions with sponsors, and assuring compliance with university and sponsor policies, while minimizing the administrative burden on faculty and protecting the interests of the faculty and the University.

The Office of Grants and Contracts at each campus supports the post-award administration of these grants and sponsored projects. The Urbana Grants and Contracts Costing Office also supports the Urbana and Springfield campuses in the calculation and negotiation of rates applicable to sponsored projects.

This Web site has links to information, regulations, policies, and forms to help campus units with the administration of their grants and sponsored projects, including the most current Facilities and Administrative (F&A), Tuition Remission and Fringe Benefit Rates.

Last Updated: November 11, 2014

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