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Reconcile AR Transactions Ledgers to Accounts Receivable

To assist in the reconciliation of, or to get detail about, AR transactions a Business Objects report titled "UR_FIAR_FIN_Ledgers_AR_Payment_Trans" is available in Eddie under University Documents (UI2 Finance). In order to use this report the Detail Code/s associated with the C-FOAP, AR Rule Code1 and the Feeder Document number/s are required. If these are not known they can be determined by using the crosswalk available on the OBFS web site at C-FOAP to Detail Code Crosswalk. This is recognized by the Rule Code1 for the Related Detail Code.

Determine Detail Code and Rule Code 1

To use the report "UR_FIAR_FIN_Ledgers_AR_Payment_Trans":
If the Detail Code/s related transactions to be analyzed are unknown retrieve the crosswalk workbook for the term that corresponds to the finance period in question and determine the particular Detail Code/s. To use that work book see the related reference at C-FOAP to Detail Code Crosswalk. Record the related Detail Code/s and Rule Code 1s. The Detail Code/s will be required in the prompts for the Eddie/Infoview/Business Objects report. The Rule Codes may be helpful in the analysis.

Determine the Document # for the transaction/amount being reconciled or analyzed from the FIGL_General_Ledger_Transaction_Statement or FIGL_Operating_Ledger_Transaction_Statement, whichever is applicable and write down or otherwise record this number. The Document # and Detail Code/s will be required to run the report "UR_FIAR_FIN_Ledgers_AR_Payment_Trans."

In Eddie UI2 Finance reports select the report "UR_FIAR_FIN_Ledgers_AR_Payment_Trans" and refresh it. Using the prompts enter the Detail Code/s and Document #/s to be analyzed and run the report.

The report will return a list of transactions, by AR account, which up make the amounts recorded in the ledger for the Detail Code/s and Accounts. Only initial transactions from AR can be analyzed this way, not transactions resulting from multiple re-applications of payments. Initial transactions are indicated by the Ledger Transaction Listing RUCL corresponding to RUCL1 in the C-FOAP to Detail Code Crosswalk.

Last Updated: October 30, 2006

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