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C-FOAP to Detail Code Crosswalk


For ledger reconciliation purposes and ledger account analysis units need to know what AR Detail Codes are associated with what Chart, Fund, Organization, Account and Program (Fund and Account for GL transactions only). Banner and the EDW do not provide a means for the general user to accomplish this so University Bursar posts an Excel Workbook that enables units to crosswalk C-FOAPs to Detail Codes. Since the FOAPS behind term based detail codes can change with term updates, this crosswalk will be posted for the current and past academic year. It is updated and posted daily to currently reflect any additions or changes.

The Excel workbooks are titled:

Any of the xWalks will return the correct C-FOAP for non-term based detail codes. Until familiar with Term Based usage and changing C-FOAPs check term based codes for multiple terms to be sure of correct C-FOAP for a given FY, Period, account reconciliation or analysis.

If the Detail Code/s related transactions to be analyzed are unknown retrieve the crosswalk workbook for the term that corresponds to the finance period in question and determine the particular Detail Codes. To use that work book see the related reference at Reconcile AR Transactions Ledgers to Accounts Receivable Record the related Detail Code/s and Rule Code 1s. The Detail Code/s will be required in the prompts for the Eddie/Infoview/Business Objects report. The Rule Codes may be helpful in the analysis. Workbooks are posted with Auto-Filter turned on therefore the user can filter by preferred various combinations of:

  • Chart

  • Fund

  • Organization (if applicable)

  • Account

  • Program

This will show all pertinent information for Detail Codes posting to that C-FOAP.

Last Updated: September 26, 2022

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