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UPAY Video Library

Welcome to the UPAY Video Library! This library provides employees with short, just-in-time training videos to help answer your frequently asked questions.

Business Travel Reimbursement

Domestic Travel

What You Should Know [20min 32sec]

 Your Responsibilities [3min 10sec]

  Expenses [3min 28sec]

Travel Status [4min 04sec]

Lodging [3min 58sec]

Travel Card (T-Card)  [1min 21sec]

Per Diem [2min 12sec]

International Travel (Video coming soon!)


Business Travel—Common Questions and Answers

What do I need to know as a Travel Arranger? [2min 08sec]

Can I use package deals for airline tickets and lodging? [2min 25sec]

What if there's more than one name on the ticket or hotel folio? [53sec]

Why does my ER get rejected if my lodging isn't itemized? [41 sec]


ER rejected? More than one receipt on one line item? [52 sec]

Can I use a T-Card to pay for conference registration? [37 sec]

What if the traveler's name isn't on the receipt? [34 sec]

How do I find the most inexpensive way to travel? [40 sec]

What do I need to know about expensing business meals? [26 sec]

What documents do I need for proof of purchase? [47 sec]

Split ERs into different CFOPs [1min 52sec]

Business Purpose Explained [1min 34sec]

Business Purpose and Graduate Students [1min 17sec]


iTravel Online Booking Tool

Registering and Logging In [7min 05sec]

Completing Your Profile [14min 37sec]

Making Travel Arrangements [24min 39sec]

Reasons to Use iTravel [5min 43sec]

Adding an Assistant or Travel Arranger [1min 52sec]

Making a Car Reservation [4min 41sec]

Making an Airline Reservation [7min 51sec]

Updating Your iTravel Profile [3min 36sec]

Adding a Frequent Traveler Program [2min 00sec]


Travel and Expense Management (TEM) System

Business Purpose - Why is it so important? (Video coming soon!)


Last Updated: January 24, 2017

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