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Enterprise Rent A Car Information

Weekly rates are calculated at six (6) times the daily rate; monthly rates are calculated at twenty-four (24) times the daily rate.


Class Size





C Car

$ 38.00

$ 228.00

$ 912.00


I Car

$ 39.00

$ 234.00

$ 936.00


S Car

$ 39.00

$ 234.00

$ 936.00

Full Size

F Car

$ 43.00

$ 258.00

$ 1,032.00


P Car

$ 51.00

$ 306.00

$ 1,224.00


L Car

$ 58.00

$ 348.00

$ 1,392.00

Mini Van


$ 69.00

$ 414.00

$ 1,656.00

15 Passenger Van


$ 79.00

$ 474.00

$ 1,896.00

Base Rental Charges apply to participating Enterprise Entity U.S. locations

Base Rental Charges for rentals in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico) include unlimited free miles per day, per week, and per month, as applicable.
Reservations must be properly identified with the Contract ID number to receive contract benefits.
To utilize our discount program on-line, go to Enterprise web site, choose "Business Rentals" from the menu bar then "make a reservation".  Our Enterprise Business Rental Program number is XZ62053 and our PIN is "UNI".

Geographic Surcharges

In addition to the applicable Base Rental Charges set forth above, rental location surcharges are assessed in the following:


Rate Type




Manhattan, NYC

Home City Rates

$ 18.00

$ 108.00

$ 250.00

Manhattan, NYC

Airport Rates

$ 11.00

$ 78.00

$ 150.00

All other NYC Boroughs

Home City Rates

$ 14.00

$ 84.00

$ 200.00

All other NYC Boroughs

Airport Rates

$ 7.00

$ 54.00

$ 100.00

State of NY

(other than NYC Boroughs)

$ 3.00

$ 18.00

$ 42.00

Puerto Rico and Alaska

Home City Rates

$ 8.00

$ 48.00

$ 192.00

Surcharge Cities

$ 3.00 daily

Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver/Colorado Springs Area, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, New Orleans, Portland, OR.

$ 8.00 daily

Baltimore, Hartford, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C.

$ 10.00 daily

Boston, Philadelphia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

$ 18.00 daily

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Metro Areas; Newark

$ 21.00 daily

LaGuardia, JFK, and Manhattan Airports

EXCLUSIONS:  Base Rental Charges do not include applicable taxes, surcharges, refueling, one-way, drop-off, delivery, pickup, additional driver charges; or, except as set forth below, any optional products or services such as collision damage waiver (CDW), supplemental liability protection (SLP), personal accident insurance and personal effects coverage (Driver Protection Products).

Driver Protection Products

Base Rental Charges in the U.S. include the Driver Protection Product(s) below:

CDW FOR ALL RENTALS:  For all rentals at U.S. locations, Enterprise will include the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) free in the discounted rental rates.  Enterprise waives its right to collect for loss and damage to the rental vehicle, provided the renter and any authorized driver have complied with the terms of the applicable standard Rental Agreement and have accepted the rate pursuant to this Addendum.

SLP FOR ALL RENTALS:  For all rentals to Customer's eligible renters who are 21 years old or older only, Enterprise will provide automobile liability insurance or a qualified self-insurance arrangement protecting the renter on a primary basis with respect to other insurance, for bodily injury or death to another and for property damage other than to the rental vehicle, provided the renter and any authorized driver have compiled with the terms of the applicable standard Rental Agreement and have accepted the rates pursuant to this Addendum.  In these instances, the limits of automobile liability shall be $100,000 each person bodily injury, $300,000 bodily injury and each accident and $50,000 for property damage.

Eligible Renters and Drivers are defined as the members:

  • Faculty, staff, and retirees
  • Spouse and children (living in the same household) of faculty, staff, and retirees
  • Consultants and Contractors
  • Graduate Students on business rentals

Eligible Renters will provide identification and/or evidence of eligibility at the time of rental if so requested by Enterprise. 

Optional Damage Waiver (DW)

When renting a car do not accept the Optional Damage Waiver (LDW or CDW) unless you are renting a car in a foreign country while on University business. For travel within the United States, when the U of I corporate ID number is used, the optional Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is included in the negotiated agreement with National Car Rental and the optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is included in the agreement with Enterprise.  No other car rental company offers this waiver. This charge is not reimbursable as a travel expense except when renting a car in a foreign country while on University business.

For further information on automobile insurance and liability refer to Section 6, Insurance and Section 15, Travel of the Business and Financial Policies and Procedures manual.

Last Updated: October 12, 2015

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