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Transparency Commitment

Survey Results

Measuring Success

The Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) wanted to track the progress of the Transparency Commitment initiative and to identify the next area of improvement on which to focus. In January, 2015, The University of Illinois System's Survey Research Lab (SRL) assisted OBFS in this effort and acted as an unbiased third party. A random sample of faculty, staff, and OBFS employees was surveyed by the SRL and asked to provide feedback regarding current levels of transparency in transaction processing, problem resolution, and communications. 

OBFS Transparency Initiative Survey Results

The purpose of the survey was to establish baseline measurements for our efforts related to becoming a more transparent organization internally as well as with our campus customers.

The Executive Summary of the Survey's Results is available.

Survey Participants

Selecting a pool of potential survey recipients was challenging since OBFS units interact with a variety of customers. Most of our units work closely with department business managers, but some units have much larger customer pools. For several reasons (including but not limited to consideration of system mass email policies), we decided on two sample groups.

The first pool of OBFS customers was identified by looking at common OBFS transactions, and connecting the corresponding security profiles to the individuals tied to those profiles. We added information from the OBFS News subscription lists as well as data from Service Desk Manager. From that pool of approximately 32,000 campus customers, SRL stratified the results by university and then selected a random stratified audience of 6,000 individuals.

The second pool was all business managers as identified by the university distribution lists for the Business Manager Groups. This added 677 invitations for a total of 6,677.

Last Updated: July 13, 2018

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