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Transparency Commitment

Transparency Commitment Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transparency


What is Transparency

Q. What do we mean by Transparency 
A. Transparency comes in two forms.

  1. One form of transparency is electronic. OBFS has implemented systems like TEM and iCS to provide users with system-generated updates on the status of their submissions.
  2. The second form of transparency is more personal. When an OBFS employee tells you what to expect from a process, or clearly communicates with you the full range of options available, they are being transparent.

OBFS is committing to deliver clear and consistent solutions every time we interact with you.

Q. What does the Transparency Commitment mean for me?
A. This website will be your one-stop-shop for all aspects of the Transparency Commitment. Here you will be able to find information regarding:

  • The Transparency Team
  • The Communication Team and their plans
  • Current, future, and past initiatives
  • Providing feedback
  • Participating in discussion boards


Q. What do we mean by "clear"?
A. OBFS commites to clearly stating all of the important information you, our clients, need to make informed decisions about your business.  We want to be open about where to find information and why decisions are made. We also want to be clear in our policies and provide several methods for you to share your feedback. 

Q. What do we mean by "consistent"? 
A. OBFS commits to being consistent in our communications. If you call an OBFS office, regardless of who picks up the phone, you will receive the same answer or, if that is not possible, the same reasoning will be adhered to should your specific need require special consideration. 

Q. What do we mean by "solutions"? 
A. In OBFS, we commit to answering your question completely. We may invite additional experts in to provide a complete answer to your question. We will strive to ensure you feel heard and will maintain ownership of your question until it is resolved.

Q. How was the Vision Statement created?
A. The Kickoff Team was provided with an article titled "Accelerate" by John P. Kotter to use as a guide. In this article, Mr. Kotter recommends formulating a strategic vision for the "big opportunity", which in our case is creating Transparency. He writes: "The right vision is feasible and easy to communicate. It is emotionally appealing as well as strategically smart. And it gives the Guiding Coalition a picture of success and enough information and direction to make consequential decisions on the fly, without having to seek permission at every turn."

A sub-team of the Kickoff Team named the Vision Team narrowed the vision statement ideas down to four. Those four ideas, along with the opportunity to provide additional suggestions, were then presented to all OBFS staff for voting. The final vision statement is a combination of the two top vote getters and was suggested by two OBFS staff members.

Last Updated: September 10, 2015

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