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Overriding a Routing Queue (NBAJQUE)

Approvers and Proxy Approvers cannot approve their own timesheets. If the Approver or Proxy Approver is part of the same Timesheet Organization he/she is approving, a different Approver must be set up to approve that timesheet by overriding the Routing Queue. The department’s Superuser will designate who will serve as the Override Approver.

NOTE: The Override Approver only needs to be designated once in the Override Approvals Queue (NBAJQUE). It does not have to be repeated for each pay period. The Override Approvals Queue should only be used for Approver or Proxy Approver timesheets.


1.   Type NBAJQUE in the Search field and press ENTER to open Override Approval Queue.

2.   Type the Approver’s ID in the ID field.

3.   Type the position code in the Position field.

4.   Click the Go button.

5.   Type TIME in the Approval Category field.

6.   Click the Next Section button.

7.   Remove all existing Approvers from the Routing Queue.

a.  Select the row of an Approver in the bottom block.

b.  Click the Delete button.

c.  Repeat this for each Approver to clear the Routing Queue.

8.   Enter the Approver Sequence number of the new Approver in the Approver Sequence field.

9.   Type the Position Number of the new Approver in the first Approver Position field.

      The title, ID and name of the Approver's Approver will populate into the remaining fields after a valid position number is entered.

10.  Ensure the Approver Action field is set to Approve.

11.  Click the Save button.

       An Approver has now been assigned to approve the Approver's timesheet. If there are multiple Approvers in the Routing Queue that need to be overridden, repeat these steps for each Approver.


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Last Updated: December 22, 2021

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