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Creating a Proxy for a Time Entry Role

NOTE: The Electronic Approval Proxy Rules (NTRPROX) Form is used to establish Proxies for Banner roles. Prior to establishing Proxies, the Proxies’ security access must be confirmed.


1.  Type NTRPROX in the Search field and press ENTER to open Electronic Approval Proxy Rules.


     NOTE: The ID of the employee accessing the form will be displayed in the User ID field. This field cannot be changed. Therefore, Department Originators must

     establish their own Proxies.

2.  Click the Go button.

3.  Click the Other Modules tab to see any current Proxies and to set up a new Proxy.

4.  Enter the netID of the proxy in the Proxy ID field, then TAB. Their name defaults in the Description field.

5.  Click the Next Section button.

6.  Enter Time in the Module field. When the Proxy list is complete, click the Save button to add the Proxies.

     NOTE: To add another proxy, click the Previous Section button, click the Insert button and repeat steps 4-6.

7.  Click the Close button.



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Last Updated: January 25, 2021

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