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Payroll & Benefits Training Materials

Job aids, handouts and training guides are the latest versions of materials used in OBFS training courses. For your convenience, documents will open in new browser windows. Some documents are in the Acrobat PDF PDF icon format. Please choose the course name:

General Payroll Information

Time Entry

Performing Adjustments


Payroll Reports Guide

Job Aid

 Payroll Reports Guide [updated: 11/10/22]

Payroll Schedule Reference Materials

Web Time Entry


These tutorials have audio. If you do not have audio capability, please use the Closed Captioning function by clicking the CC button (Closed Captioning) in the playback controls at the bottom of the video. These tutorials are best viewed in Internet Explorer 8, though other supported web browsers are Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

For Employees:


  • Changing Your Time



For Approvers:

  • Changing Employees' Timesheets

Job Aids

Department Time Entry for Bi-Weekly Employees

This course will cover the steps taken by an Originator for Department Time Entry, including extracting, editing and submitting Time Sheets.

Job Aids

Time Entry and Approval Security

Job Aid

Preventing or Reducing Payroll Adjustments

Job Aids


Job Aids

Adjustment Notification Application (ANA)

Job Aids

Labor Redistribution

This course teaches you how to perform labor redistribution when a pay event for an employee has been charged to an incorrect FOAPAL. This process is also known as an earnings transfer.

Job Aids

Tuition Waiver Taxation

View a course on the taxability of graduate level tuition and service fee waivers at the Student Money Management Center.

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Last updated: August 26, 2022

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