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Viewing Check Activity Using FAICHKH

The Check Payment History page (FAICHKH) allows a search by check number. Best for resolving check problems, this page allows quick identification and review of all transactions paid on a single check or direct payment transaction.

The Invoice/Credit Memo Inquiry page(FAIINVE) can be accessed via the Related menu to get more information about the invoice, such as the remittance address and PO number.


1.  Type FAICHKH in the Search field and press ENTER.

2.  Type the check number in the Check Number field.

3.  Type the appropriate bank code in the Bank field.

     NOTE: See the Check Number Validation Form (FTICHKS) to locate the bank code.

4.  Click the Go button to review the results.

5.  Click the Close button to return to the main menu.


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Last Updated: October 22, 2018

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