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Identifying Invoices Awaiting Receiving Using FPIIREC

The Receiving/Matching Detail Query (FPIIREC) page is used to identify invoice transactions awaiting receiving documents. It is based on Banner invoice document number or purchase order number.

Search Criteria Available:

  • Invoice Number

  • Invoice Item

  • Commodity Description

  • Purchase Order number

  • Purchase Order Item

  • Approved Quantity

  • Approved Unit Price

  • Purchase Order Quantity

  • Purchase Order Unit Price

  • Quantity Accepted

  • Previously Invoiced


Additional Links:

  • Double-clicking the invoice number links to the Invoice/Credit Memo List (FAIINVL).

  • Double-clicking the purchase order number links to Purchase Order Validation (FPIPOHD).



1.  Type FPIIREC in the Search field and press ENTER.

2.  Enter your search criteria.

3.  Click the Go button.

4.  Use scroll bar to review each invoice and commodity item listed.

5.  Click the Close button to return to the main menu.


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Last Updated: October 22, 2018

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