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Types of Banner Pages

The following types of pages are used in Banner:

  • Application pages are also known as data entry pages and are the most common type of page. These are used to enter, update, and view information. They will have an A as the third letter of the page name.
  • Inquiry and Query pages are used to look up existing information and return that information to the page from which it is called. Inquiry pages can be opened from within another page or opened independently of other pages. However, Query pages are only accessible from within another page. They will have an I as the third letter of the page name.
  • Validation pages are Banner pages that define values, which can be entered in specific fields on Application pages. When you look up a code or select the List function from the Help menu, these values appear in the List of Values window. They will have a V as the third letter of the page name.
  • Maintenance pages are Banner pages that allow changes to Validation pages. The Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) uses these pages to maintain data in the Banner tables. Maintenance pages allow changes, additions, or deletions to the List of Values available in the corresponding Validation page. They will have an M as the third letter of the page name.

NOTE: If a page has a Z as its second letter, it means it is a modified page.

NOTE: The List of Values (LOV) window lists the values that you can select to enter in a field. These are values that have been defined in a Validation page as acceptable for this field. List of Values windows appear when you double-click in certain fields or when you select List from the Help menu.

NOTE: Always press the TAB key to move through the fields on all pages. Using the mouse to skip around fields causes processing errors that could result in lost work.


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Last Updated: November 2, 2018

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