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Find Grants by PI Page

1.    Type FRIPSTG in the Search field, and press the ENTER key to open Grant Personnel Inquiry.

2.    Click the Search button next to the Personnel ID field. The Entity Name/ID Search Page (FTIIDEN) displays.

3.    Press the TAB key to move to the Last Name field.

4.    Type the last name.

NOTE: This field is case-sensitive.

5.    Click the Go button. A list of grant personnel displays.

6.    Highlight the ID field of the desired individual and click Select to place the selected PI into the Grant Personnel Inquiry page.

7.    Click the Go button. The screen displays grants by individual Principal Investigator.

8.    Place the cursor in the desired Grant field.

9.    Select Grant Information (FRAGRNT) from the Tools menu. This will insert the selected grant code in the Grant Maintenance Page (FZAGRNT).

10.  Click the Next Section button.

11.  Review the grant information.

12.  Click the Close button to return to the Grant Personnel Inquiry Page (FRIPSTG) .

13.  Click the Close button to return to the main menu.


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Last Updated: January 13, 2019

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