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Finance Systems Overview Training Materials

NOTE:  This course has been replaced by Introduction to Banner and Finance.

This course provides a basic overview of the Banner Finance system in place at the University of Illinois. This course will introduce you to fundamental terms and concepts of the Banner Finance system, including navigation, terminology, interfaces, and forms. This course also provides general information on the Banner Finance modules, the Chart of Accounts and some types of transactions. It is recommended that this course be taken by any University employee with financial responsibilities as a prerequisite to other Banner Finance and Finance-related courses.


When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe Banner and its uses for transactions and queries.
  • Log into Banner and open all forms for which you have security access.
  • Use Banner Finance-related terms and concepts.
  • Become familiar with types of Banner Finance transactions, accesses, and roles.
  • Explain the use of data enterable C-FOAPAL segment codes in Banner Finance transactions.
  • Navigate a Banner Finance form.
  • Identify basic query and search techniques used with Banner Finance forms.
  • Explain the relationship between Banner Finance and applications such as EDDIE and Mobius View (formerly View Direct).
  • Know where to find Office of Business and Financial Services unit contact information and training resources on the Web.

Web-based Training

On-Line Tutorials
You will need Adobe Flash Player and JavaScript enabled in your browser to watch these online tutorials. These tutorials do not have audio.


  • The Banner Login Process


  • Using the Banner Menu Bar


  • Using Banner Toolbar Icons


  • Accessing Banner Function Keys


  • Banner Sub Menus and Form Icons


  • Using the Banner Menu Structure


  • Using the Banner Direct Access Field


  • Using the Banner Options Menu


  • Exiting Banner


  • Conducting Searches to Find Banner Records


  • Conducting Searches to Find Banner Forms


Last Updated: April 30, 2018

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