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Department Card Manager: Search for a T-Card in TCS

Only the Department Card Manager (DCM) or DCM Delegate can perform searches in the T-Card Solution (TCS) system.

  1. Login to the TCS system at
  2. Click the Card Holder Maintenance link.
  3. In the Cardholder Information section:

    Enter the employee’s name or University Identification Number (UIN) in the Name or UIN field.
    Leave all fields blank to find all employees in the assigned org(s).
    Select Active from the Status menu in the Card Parameters section to see all active Cardholders.

  4. Press the ENTER key, or click the Search button.
  5. Select any segment of the employee information listed to view the details.
  6. Click the Reset or Back to Search button to conduct another search.
  7. Click the Logout link to exit.

Please contact UPAY Card Services if you have any questions.

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Last Updated: June 13, 2018

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