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Department Card Manager: Request a T-Card in TCS

Only the Department Card Manager (DCM) or DCM Delegate can request a T-Card.

  1. Obtain this information from the applicant:
  • Mother’s maiden name or a password.
  • The Department Head’s University Identification Number (UIN).
  1. Login to the T-Card Solution (TCS) system at
  2. Click the Card Holder Maintenance link.
  3. Enter the applicant’s UIN.
  4. Press the ENTER key, or click the Search button.
    NOTE: If the applicant had a previous T-Card, a new application cannot be generated. Stop the application process and contact UPAY Card Services for further instructions.
  5. Select the applicant’s name to start the application process.
  6. Click the Cardholder Information tab to:
  • Verify the applicant’s name in the Name on Card: field (21 character limit).
  • Enter the applicant’s mother’s maiden name or a password in the Mother’s Maiden Name: field.
  • Verify the phone number.
  1. Click the Card Parameters tab to:
  • Select U4I in the Merchant Code Profile: field.
  • Verify the Daily Number Limit is 999 and the Monthly Number Limit is 9999.
  • Select Generate Application in the Status: field.
  • Enter the Single Trans Limit ($4,999 or less), and the Monthly Cycle Limit ($25,000 or less).

NOTE: If all the applicant’s information is not available, change the Status to Draft Application, and then skip to step 1

  1. Click the Department Manager tab to:
  • Select the department manager’s name under the Department Manager field.
  • Enter the Department Head’s UIN in the UIN field.  
  1. Click the Comments tab, and enter any necessary comments.
  2. Click the Shipping Information tab and enter the system address, mail code (e.g., MCxxx) or mail stop (e.g., MSxxx), city, state, and zip code.        
    : This will be the applicant’s billing address. 
  1. Click the Submit button.
  2. Click the Print Auth/Agreement Form button to print the Authorization/Agreement and Application Information Form.
  3. Obtain the required signatures on the form.
  4. Keep the original, signed form. Fax or email the form to UPAY Card Services for processing.
  5. Click the Logout link to exit.

Please contact UPAY Card Services if you have any questions.


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Last Updated: June 13, 2018

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