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Approve Transactions

The Approver or an assigned Delegate is an optional role. The Approver or Delegate can approve transactions in the P-Card Web Solution™ (P-Card Software). Transactions should be approved within three (3) business days after the reconciliation is completed, according to best businesses practices. See OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual, Section 7.6 The University Purchasing Card (P-Card), for approval requirements. Noncompliant transactions must be reported to the Department Card Manager (DCM) and UPAY Card Services.

  1. Log in to the P-Card Software.

  2. Select Approve from the Approver menu.

  3. Select a transaction by clicking the underlined characters in the Order column
    If multiple Cardholders are listed, select a Cardholder from the list, then select a transaction by clicking the underlined characters in the Order column.

  4. Click the Modify this Transaction button.

  5. Verify transaction details.

    NOTE: Use the TAB key to navigate through the fields.
  • Department Reference Number (optional) 
  • Log No - Must contain a number that begins with LN.
  • Qty (Quantity) - Default is "1" or the total number of specific items purchased
  • Unit Price - Price for each item or total amount of order if Quantity is “1”.
    • Amount entered must not contain more than 2 numbers after the decimal point. Example: $1.50 not $1.495.
    • A minus sign (-) before the dollar amount represents a credit.
  • Item Amt (Amount) – Auto calculated total of Unit Price times Quantity.
  • Item Description – Details of the commodity or authorized service purchased, including business purpose.
  • Expense Start – Enter start date for commodities or authorized services (such as memberships, shipped date, subscriptions and conference registration) that require accrual or deferral expense tracking, determined by Account Code used.
  • Expense End – End date is required if Expense Start Date is entered.
  • FOAP – Allocation/accounting segment for the expense. To make changes, see the Change the FOAPAL section below.
  • Del (Delete) – The X button deletes the corresponding line item.
  • Comments – Additional details or notes about the expense.

  • OPTIONAL: To disapprove a transaction and return it to the Reconciler for correction:
    • Click Cancel All Changes.
    • Click the Disapprove Trans button.
    • Notify Reconciler of disapproval.


  1. To Approve a transaction:
    • Click the Yes button next to Approve This Transaction.
    • Click the Save Changes On This Transaction button.
      • OPTIONAL: To dispute a transaction because it requires further review, follow-up, or correction and return it to the Reconciler queue:
        • Click the Yes button next to Disputed? along with Yes to Approve This Transaction.
        • Add a note in the Comments field, then click the Save Changes On This Transaction button.
        • After a resolution, the Reconciler can modify the transaction, add notes about the resolution in the Comments field, and click No next to the Disputed? option. Then click the Save Changes On This Transaction button.


  1. Select another Cardholder/transaction to approve or select Log Off from the File menu.

Change the FOAPAL (C-FOAPAL – Chart, Fund, Org, Account, Program, Activity & Location)


  • Click the button under the No column (next to Qty).
  • Make the necessary changes to the segments.
    • To verify a segment, click the Find button below the field. (An error message will display if the code is invalid.)
    • Verify or update the remaining segments.
    • The correct Account Code must be entered for the documentation of start and end dates.
  • Click the Save Changes On This Item button.


NOTE: If any Activity Code is entered in one C-FOAPAL string, all additional strings must contain an Activity Code.


Please contact UPAY Card Services for additional assistance.

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Last Updated: May 1, 2019

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