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Department Card Manager: Act as a Department Card Manager (DCM) Delegate in TCS

When acting as a DCM, you will see a phrase that begins with “acting as…” next to your name and netid (e.g., James Murphy(jmurphy9) acting as Jennifer Stewart) in the upper right corner of the T-Card Solution (TCS) system screen. When the delegation (acting as a DCM) session has ended, the display will return to the user’s name and netid (e.g., James Murphy(jmurphy9)).


  1. Login to the TCS system at
  2. Click the Act As link.
  3. Select the name to act as under the Name: field. 

    NOTE: If the name of a DCM is not on the list, the delegation has not been established. See Create a Delegation for setup instructions.
  1. Click the Submit button.

    NOTE: Perform DCM tasks before ending the delegation session.
  1. Click the Act As link to end acting as a DCM.
  2. Click the Reset button.
  3. Click the Logout link to exit.

Please contact UPAY Card Services if you have any questions.

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Last Updated: June 13, 2018

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