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Budgeting Training Materials

Job aids, handouts and training guides are the latest versions of materials used in OBFS training courses. For your convenience, documents will open in new browser windows. Most documents are in the Acrobat PDF PDF icon format.


Budget Development

Job Aids

This course will show you how to use the Web for Finance Budget Development application to edit and/or review fiscal year budget changes.

Online Training

Using Budget Development (UIUC Specific)


Are you responsible for entering budgets during the annual budget cycle? Are you new to using Budget Development, the tool used to enter budgets in Banner during the annual budget cycle? If you answered yes to either of those questions, this Webinar will be useful to you. It provides an introduction to Budget Development, along with information on how to use Budget Development to record unit budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. This Webinar also includes helpful OBFS Budget website information for the annual budget cycle.

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Last Updated: September 11, 2023

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