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Troubleshooting Transfers and Disposals

Below are some common problems, along with their solutions, that FABweb users encounter when processing transfers and disposals.


Need a PTag number.

Problem: You do not have the 9-digit PTag number for the asset you need to transfer or dispose.

Solution: Use FFIMAST in Banner to query for the PTag, by clicking the Search button next to the Asset Tag field. From the Option list, select Fixed Asset List (FFIFALV) to search using the asset’s description, or select Procurement Query (FFIPROC) to search using the asset’s serial number or description.

Transaction was not saved to Excel.

Problem: You did not save the transfer or disposal request as an Excel spreadsheet before you submitted it.

Solution: Each person in the work flow will have an opportunity to save the request as an Excel spreadsheet. Contact the next person in the flow to request a copy. As disposal requests are finalized, FABweb will automatically email units the Excel spreadsheet noting the status of receipt for each item.

E-mail notification is gone.

Problem: You deleted the e-mail notification for the transaction you need to review or approve.

Solution: The e-mail notification is a courtesy and is not required to access FABweb transfers and disposals. Log in to FABweb and scroll down to the bottom of the screen; all the transactions that you are working on, or are available for you to claim, are located there.

Making sure PTag number was added.

Problem: You click the Add a Banner Asset button to add a PTag and want to make sure the PTag is in your transfer or disposal request without scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

Solution: FABweb will only allow you to enter PTags in your Chart/Org; any errors will display at the top of the screen. If you don’t see any errors, the PTag was added successfully.


Transfer includes only non-Banner assets.

Problem: You are transferring only non-Banner assets, and the Add a Non-Banner Asset to this Transfer option does not appear.

Solution: Enter a PTag from your Chart/Org to initiate the transfer. The Add a Non-Banner Asset to this Transfer option will now be available. Then, enter the non-Banner assets you want to transfer. Finally, click the trash can icon next to the Banner asset to remove it from the transfer.

Deleting multiple Location codes at once from a transfer.

Problem: You forgot to or don’t want to click the Refresh button each time you delete a Location code in a transfer request with multiple items.

Solution: You can click the Save This Info button to refresh all the validated data entry fields at once.


Changing Scrap or Surplus status in a disposal.

Problem: You can’t change the scrap/surplus status in a disposal request.

Solution: The Pick up Location field might be empty. Enter a location in the Pick up Location field and click the Back button.


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Last Updated: January 31, 2019

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