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Document Retrieval Inquiry

Use this page to review the detailed information created with posted journal voucher documents. To access a posted journal voucher document, enter the document number or search for it.

Once a journal voucher is posted, you cannot use the Journal Voucher Entry Page (FGAJVCD), the Journal Voucher Mass Entry Page (FGAJVCM), or the Journal Voucher Quick Page (FGAJVCQ) to view or edit it.


Journal Voucher Summary

Provides an online summary of journal voucher transactions that are not yet posted. You can view each journal voucher transaction by individual accounting distribution through this page.

This page provides the following information: FOAPAL string, amount, and the transaction sign debit/credit or + Plus or – Minus of the sequence item. Perhaps the most useful indicator is the Transaction Status Indicator (Ind) field that will display an (E) Error or (P) Postable code associated with a debit or credit record.


List of Suspended Journal Vouchers

Lists all journal vouchers that are not posted by document number, description, document amount, transaction date, and status.

To correct a journal voucher, use journal voucher pagesFGAJVCD, FGAJVCM, or FGAJVCQ. If the journal voucher involves an encumbrance or fixed asset transfer, you must use FGAJVCD.


Document By User

Allows you to see all of the documents created by a particular Banner user ID. By default, your Banner user ID is entered. To see documents created by another user, enter his/her Banner user ID. To use this page, you must enter the Chart and the fiscal year as search criteria. You can search for documents by type, status, or activity date.


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Last Updated: December 21, 2018

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