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Detail Encumbrance Activity

The Detail Encumbrance Activity page (FGIENCD) is used to query detailed transaction activities against an encumbrance. This page displays useful information such as the encumbrance status, creation date, and overall balance. For each sequence linked to the encumbrance, the associated C-FOAPAL segment codes, encumbrance balance, and detailed transaction activity is displayed.

Query Instructions

  1. Type FGIENCD in the Search field and press the ENTER key.

  2. If you have the encumbrance document number, type it in the Encumbrance field and proceed to step 8.

  3. Click the Search button. The Encumbrance List (FGIENCB) displays.

  4. Click the Filter button.

  5. Enter your search criteria.

  6. Click the Go button.

  7. Double-click the appropriate encumbrance to select it. FGIENCD displays with the encumbrance document number in it.

  8. Click the Go button.

  9. Review the results.

  10. Click the Close button to return to the main menu.

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Last Updated: February 15, 2019

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