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Correcting a Journal Voucher with Incomplete Status

Steps 1 through 7 are optional and to be used if you do not know the journal voucher (JV) number. If you already know the journal voucher number, start at step 8.

1.    Type FOADOCU in the Search field and press ENTER to open Document by User.

2.    Type the appropriate year in the Fiscal Year field.

3.    Press TAB to advance to the Type field.

4.    Type JV in the Type field.

5.    Click the Go button and look for any journal vouchers with an I (Incomplete) status.

6.    Record the JV number of the incomplete journal voucher you are looking for.

7.    Click the Exit button to return to the main menu.

8.    From the Search field, open Journal Voucher Entry (FGAJVCD), Journal Voucher Mass Entry (FGAJVCM), or Journal Voucher Quick (FGAJVCQ).

9.    Type the JV number of the incomplete journal voucher in the Document Number field.

10.  Click the Go button to access the Journal Voucher Document Header section.

11.  Make the necessary changes.

12.  Click the Next Section button to access the Transaction Detail (Journal Voucher Detail) block.

13.  Make the necessary changes to all records.

14.  Click the Next Section button.

15.  Click the Complete button to save and submit for posting.

16.  Click the Close button to return to the main menu.


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Last Updated: December 21, 2018

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