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Common Cross-FOAPAL Validation Errors

Type of Error


Bank Code

Most users should not change the Bank field for a "normal" Journal Voucher. Users should let the Bank field default in and leave as is.

Generic Program Code 19xxxx

State, ICR, Self-Supporting, and Service Plan Funds must use Program codes that are specific to unit/department.

Example of valid FOP: 1-100008- 678000-142900-678001

Example of invalid FOP: 1-100008-678000-142900- 191100

Grant and Gift Funds can use generic Program code 19xxxx as assigned in Banner.

Revenue/Income Account Code

Only Self-Supporting and Service Plan Funds can select revenue/income Account codes, those beginning with 3, for routine Journal Vouchers.

Payroll/Salary Account Code

Restrict the use of Journal Vouchers to transfer personnel service charges.

Banner Labor Redistribution Page (PZAREDS) must be used to process all labor redistributions.

Multiple Credits And Debits

Rule codes 100 and 170 do not allow multiple debits and credits. However, rule codes 125 and 175 allow multiple debits and credits but only with certain funds (state, non-gift and non-federal ag funds) and with revenue and expense Account codes.

See Guide to Multiple Debits Credits Rule Codes 125 and 175


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Last Updated: February 20, 2019

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