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TEM Resource Page

Travel and Expense Management (TEM)

TEM is a web-based system for submitting, approving, and tracking requests for:

  • Non-Purchase Order Payments to Vendors 

Before logging into TEM, watch the TEM Overview video (at the right) or review the job aids under Getting Started.

Employee Reimbursements and Payments to Vendors

For job aids with step-by-step instructions on creating, submitting, and approving Expense Reports and Travel Plans, click the links below.

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Getting Started

To submit a request using TEM, start by creating an Expense Report (ER).

  • The Expense Report
    • Non-purchase order payments to vendors

Get started by selecting a job aid:

  1. TEM System Workflow [updated: 3/3/14]
  2. The Expense Report and Travel Plan Workflow [updated: 3/3/14]
  3. System Navigation [updated: 3/3/14]
  4. Set Default Project (C-FOP) [updated: 3/3/14]
  5. Add a Proxy [updated: 3/3/14]
  6. Workflow Status of ERs and TPs [updated: 3/3/14]
  7. Filter Documents [updated: 3/3/14]
  8. Recall an Expense Report (Document) [updated: 3/3/14]
  9. Search for a Document as a Post-Pay Auditor [updated: 3/19/14]
Travel and Miscellaneous Reimbursements

Arranged Travel [updated: 7/23/20]
Attach a T-Card Transaction [updated: 5/25/18]
Business Meals Expense Types [created: 3/9/20]
Cash Advance Subject Payment Settlement Log [updated: 2/25/19]
Change the Purpose of an ER after Rejection [updated:12/1/17]
Create an Expense Report (ER) [updated: 3/3/14]
Determine when ER was Received [updated: 3/10/15]
Lodging and Car Rental Itemization [updated: 3/3/14]
Maintain Default C-FOP [updated: 1/16/19]
Open and Close a Human Subject Program Advance [updated: 3/7/19]
Open and Close a Program Advance [updated: 7/27/20]
Open and Close a Travel Advance [updated: 7/27/20]
Per Diem Meals [updated: 3/3/14]
Providing a Detailed Business Purpose/Justification [updated: 7/14/22]
Purpose of the Document [updated: 5/3/18]
Replenish a Program Advance [updated: 3/3/14]
Replenish Petty Cash [updated: 3/3/14]
Review and Approve [updated: 3/3/14]
Search for a Project (C-FOP) [updated: 3/3/14]
Search My Documents [updated: 3/3/14]
Shared Hotel Expense Types [created: 3/9/20]
Travel Categories [updated: 2/23/18]
Travel Plan for Pre-Trip Approval [updated: 3/3/14]
Workflow Status of ERs and TPs [updated: 3/3/14]

TEM Roles and Responsibilities [updated: 7/8/16]

Submitting Visa and Legal Permanent Resident Fees in TEM [updated: 12/18/19]

Travel Card (T-Card)

The University of Illinois T-Card is a charge card that may be used by U of I System employees to purchase qualified travel expenses, business meals and catering. It is a university paid, university liability MasterCard® which may be used to relieve the employee from significant out of pocket expenses. The Department Head identifies unit employees who will be issued T-Cards.

T-Card Roles and Responsibilities [updated: 5/25/18]

T-Card Certification Course

Business Office Functionality

This section contains information necessary to manage the travel budget, gain system access, and perform user maintenance. If your job role requires you to do any of these functions, click the links below to access related job aids.

All Banner reporting is facilitated by DECISION SUPPORT. Custom reports may be generated in Business Objects and accessed through the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to meet the unique needs of your department. To learn more about reporting and obtain the necessary access and training to utilize these reporting tools, please visit the DECISION SUPPORT home page.

Last Updated: July 14, 2022

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