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Capital Development Board

  • The Capital Development Board (CDB) oversees the construction of new state facilities, such as prisons, college and university classroom buildings, mental health hospitals and state parks. To work with CDB on state construction projects and learn more about guidelines and procedures, check out the CBD's website.

Diverse Vendor Search

  • Search the BEP Vendors Directory, the Small Business Vendors Directory or the VOSB/SDVOSB Vendors Directory.

Illinois Procurement Bulletin Public Institutions of Higher Education

  • The Bulletin is a free online resource for vendors wishing to do business with the public universities in Illinois. Participating universities post notices for upcoming bids, requests for proposal, requests for information, solicitation documents, and awards.

Illinois Procurement Bulletin - Supplies and Services

  • The State of Illinois is pleased to introduce its new Vendor Payment Program. This program is designed to assist our vendors and service providers with working capital.

Illinois Department of Transportation - Procurement

  • Learn more about IDOT business processes related to procurement, including prequalification, advertisements, policies, guidelines, and much more.

Illinois Procurement Gateway

  • The IPG is an online vendor portal used for gathering business information from vendors who wish to conduct business with Illinois' State agencies and universities. There is no registration cost to vendors.

OBFS Purchases

  • The University of Illinois System Purchasing Divisions are a division of the Office of Business and Financial Services designated to obtain commodities, equipment, and services to support the educational mission of the U of I System.

State of Illinois, Sell 2 Illinois

  • Navigate Sell 2 Illinois streamlined procurement process. Special programs are available for small and diverse business enterprises to help you grow your revenues, enhance your credentials and build your business capacity.

University Office of Capital Programs & Real Estate Services

  • The University of Illinois System Office of Capital Programs and Real Estate Services facilitates and oversees the development of and adherence to policies, procedures and systems pertaining to the built environment of the U of I System.

Last Updated: July 24, 2018

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