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Supplier Diversity

Design Professionals

State of Illinois Requirements



The University of Illinois System encourages diversity among its vendors, including the participation of firms owned by minorities, women, and persons with disabilities. The U of I System strives to meet voluntary contract goals established in the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Women and Persons with Disabilities Act (30 ILCS 575 et seq.) as well as subsequent adoption by the Business Enterprise Council and also contract goals established for veteran-owned small businesses.

The current goal established in 30 ILCS 575 et seq is 30% for utilization of businesses owned by minority, women and persons with disabilities. In addition, the current goal established in 30 ILCS 500/45-57 and Veterans Small Business Program is 3% for utilization of veteran-owned small businesses.

The U of I System strives to voluntarily meet these goals for award and spend on a fiscal year reporting cycle.

The U of I System reserves the right to set separate contract goals on specific prime contracts with subconsulting possibilities based on the type of work or services or sub-consultant availability.

Design Professionals

The University of Illinois contracts with Professional Service Consultants (PSC) to help complete a variety of design and construction-related activities. The U of I System has processes, policies and tools that must be used during the design and construction process. The tools on this page are specific to the PSC - each with a description and link.

Processes, Policies & Tools

  • Solicitations: The U of I System advertises all projects through the Illinois Procurement Bulletin Public Institutions of Higher Education. Contractors can register on this website and receive emails when new projects in their area of interest are posted. Please review this tutorial on how to sign up for the Bulletin email notification.
  • Prequalifying: All PSC firms that want to do work with the U of I System must be prequalified with the CDB.
  • Project Proposals: Information regarding submitting for design work at the U of I System.
  • Contracts and Forms: The U of I System has standard Contractor Agreements that are used for all construction contracts. Web-based forms are also provided to aid in completing the necessary documentation.
  • Design and Facilities Standards: Each university has developed standards for design and facilities that the PSC must adhere to during the design process. UIUC UIC UIS

Vendor Services Application

The Vendor Services Application collects basic information about a vendor (or other external organization) and its related employees in a central location. VSA vendor records and user accounts will share information with capital applications (e.g., PRZM, CAPS), ensuring that a vendor's legal name, location(s), address(es), and related information are consistent and accurate. See the University Office of Capital Programs and Real Estate Services Vendors webpage for more information.

Last Updated: March 22, 2022

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