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Supplier Diversity


State of Illinois Requirements


The University of Illinois encourages diversity among its construction vendors to include businesses owned by minorities and females. For construction contracting, the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities Act (BEP Act) 30 ILCS 575/4(b) is applicable only to minority and female business enterprises (MBEs and FBEs).

On September 23, 2010, The University of Illinois Board of Trustees established goals for the utilization of minority and female business enterprise construction vendors pursuant to the BEP Act.

The goal is 22% for the Chicago campus and 15% for the Peoria, Rockford, Springfield and Urbana campuses.

Where MBE/FBE goals will apply

  • MBE/FBE goals will apply to all construction projects that are bid. Good Faith Efforts to meet MBE/FBE goals are required on projects that meet or exceed an estimated construction cost of $250,000, including contingency.
  • MBE/FBE goals will apply to the design-bid-build delivery method for each division of work bid.
  • MBE/FBE goals will apply to the Construction Manager delivery method for the entire project in one or more divisions of work bid.
  • MBE/FBE goals will apply to Energy Performance Contracting delivery method.

Policies and Tools

The University of Illinois works with Contractors to help complete a variety of construction projects. The University has processes, policies and tools that must be used during the construction process.

Construction Diversity Policy -Selected Sections of Construction Diversity Policy and Standard Contract Documents:

  • To be considered a certified vendor, minority and female-owned business enterprises need to be certified as such with the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) Business Enterprise Program (BEP) at the time of bid.
  • Certified vendors need to supply their IL CMS BEP certification to prime bidders with each bid to affirm their current CMS BEP certification.
  • Certified vendors should retain copies of their bids supplied to all prime bidders when bids are solicited from prime bidders.
  • Certified vendors need to be registered as a vendor with the University of Illinois in the Vendor Services Application (VSA) before the bid due date.
  • Certified vendors need to understand the bid solicitation and all its requirements before responding and supplying a bid quote.

Tools on this page are specific to the Contractors - each with a description and link.

Vendor Services Application

The Vendor Services Application collects basic information about a vendor (or other external organization) and its related employees in a central location. VSA vendor records and user accounts will share information with capital applications (e.g., PRZM, CAPS), ensuring that a vendor's legal name, location(s), address(es), and related information are consistent and accurate. See University Office of Capital Programs and Real Estate Services Vendors webpage for more information.

Last Updated: April 18, 2016

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