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Source2Pay BPI Recommendations and Improvements

The Source2Pay Business Process Improvement (BPI) initiative continues to produce long- and short- term recommendations. Here are several of those recommendations that have been completed so far.

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You told us and we listened! We're planning significant improvements to the source-to-pay processes to make purchasing easier for you. Check out our progress below.

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1. New Vendor Setup, Maintenance, and Termination

Problem: It is difficult to find the correct vendor because there are too many active vendors in the system. Some vendors that are "active" have outdated information in their profile.

Recommendation: Flag inactive vendors for removal in Banner and iBuy.

Result: Quicker searches and accurate vendor information.

Status: Ongoing

2. Research Purchase Options

Problem: It is difficult to find out what goods and services the University has currently under contract.

Recommendation: Make a consolidated listing of all awarded contracts available to users online and in iBuy.

Result: A single location to view the University's contracted vendors.

Status: Ongoing

3. Create a Purchase Requisition - Multiple Purchase

Problem: It is difficult to locate certified Business Enterprise Program (BEP) vendors in iBuy.

Recommendation: Flag Business Enterprise Program (BEP) vendors in iBuy.

Result: Easier to find and submit requisitions for BEP certified vendors to achieve procurement diversity goals.

Status: Complete

3a. Create a Purchase Requisition - One-Time Purchase

Problem: The information to create a purchase requisition is not centrally located.

Recommendation: Put information about creating a requisition in a single place on the OBFS website.

Result: A single place to find information necessary to create a purchase requisition.

Status: Ongoing 


Problem: Establish policies to increase the achievement of procurement diversity goals.

Recommendation: Develop a policy to encourage quotes from Business Enterprise Program (BEP) vendors.

Result: Section 7.2.3 of the OBFS Policy & Procedure Manual has been updated to encourage the use of BEP certified vendors when obtaining small purchase competition

Status: Complete

5. Purchase Methods Not Requiring a Solicitation

Problem: The benefits of using a Strategic Procurement contract are not widely known.

Recommendation: Communicate benefits of strategic awards and available consortia to University departments.

Result: Cost and time savings to individuals making purchase decisions.

Status: Complete

12. Payment Processing - PO Invoice

Problem: There are multiple forms to request special payment handling and the forms are not user friendly.

Recommendation: Simplify the Special Payment Request form process and create a workflow system for the form.

Result: Creation of a smart form to walk the requester through the information necessary to request a special payment.

Status: Ongoing

15. Payment Processing - Invoice Feeders

Problem: Units using the invoice feeder process do not know who to contact with issues.

Recommendation: Make an updated invoice feeder contact list available to UPay, BSS, and AITS.

Result: Who to ask contacts are published on the OBFS web page for the invoice feeder process.

Status: Pending Assignment 

Last updated: July 17, 2017

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