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Source2Pay BPI Process Reports

Procurement Services have identified 23 processes that comprise Source2Pay and each one will be evaluated by a Business Process Improvement (BPI) team. Below is a list of the processes that have been evaluated by the Business Process Improvement (BPI) team or are in the process. Click on a process to see an executive summary, process report, and current and future state presentations.

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1. New Vendor Setup, Maintenance, and Termination (Complete)
2. Research Purchase Options (Complete)
3. Create a Purchase Requisition (Complete)
3a. Place a One-Time Order (Complete)
4. Requisition Review & Assignment (Complete)
5. Purchase Methods Not Requiring a Solicitation (Complete)
6. Purchase Methods Requiring a Solicitation (Complete)
7. Purchase Order Processing (Complete)
8. Contract Processing - Procurement (Complete)
8a. Contract Processing Non-Procurement (Complete)
9. Purchase Card (P-Card) and Travel Card (T-Card) Purchase 
10. Post Execution Contract Management (Complete)
11. Receiving Products and Services (Complete)
12. Payment Processing - Purchase Order Invoices (Complete)
13. Payment Processing - Non-Employee & Non-PO Transactions (Complete)
14. Payment Processing - Employee Travel Expense Management (TEM) Reimbursements
15. Payment Processing - Invoice Feeders (Complete)
16. Payment Scheduling
17. Payment Method
18. Purchasing/Payables Documentation Storage
19. Data Analytics & Metrics (Complete)
20. Customer Service (Complete)
21. Change Order Processing
(Scheduled for Jan 8-Mar 12, 2018) 

22. Travel Requests, Approval, Booking and Modifications (Complete)
23. Purchasing and Payables System Security and Authority
(Scheduled for Jan 8-Mar 12, 2018)

Last Updated: November 3, 2017

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