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Short-Term Recommendations and Improvements

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The Source2Pay Business Process Improvement (BPI) Team identified recommendations to improve and streamline the procurement process. The team continues to implement these solutions and the following are recommendations that have been completed.

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1. New Vendor Setup, Maintenance, and Termination

Recommendations #21, 33 - Flag inactive vendors for removal in Banner and iBuy.

Problem: It is difficult to find the correct vendor because there are too many active vendors in the system. Some vendors that are ‘active’ have outdated information in their profile.

Resolution Details: An automated job is in place to check all vendors records and deactivate any that have not been used in the last 3 years. This will make the search results quicker and more accurate.

2. Research Purchase Options

Recommendation #4 - Make a consolidated listing of all awarded contracts available to users online and in iBuy.

Problem: It is difficult to find out what goods and services the University of Illinois System currently has under contract.

Resolution Details: Strategic Procurement award page created.

3. Create a Purchase Requisition - Multiple Purchase

Recommendation #40 - Flag Business Enterprise Program (BEP) vendors in iBuy.

Problem: It is difficult to locate certified Business Enterprise Program (BEP) vendors in iBuy.

Resolution Details: Use the flag functionality in iBuy to search for BEP vendors. Please contact Production Support for assistance.

3a. Create a Purchase Requisition - One-Time Purchase

Recommendation #15 - Develop a policy to encourage quotes from Business Enterprise Program (BEP) vendors.

Problem: Establish policies to increase the achievement of procurement diversity goals.

Resolution Details: OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual, 7.2.3 Purchases below the Small Purchase Limit (Small Purchases) has been updated to encourage the use of BEP certified vendors when obtaining small purchase competition.

5. Purchase Methods Not Requiring a Solicitation

Recommendations #7, 48 - Communicate benefits of strategic awards and available consortia to University of Illinois System departments.

Problem: The benefits of using a Strategic Procurement contract are not widely known.

Resolution Details: Information shared via the OBFS web page.

7. Purchase Order Processing

Recommendation #1 - Raise the iBuy threshold to $10,000. 

Problem: The current approval threshold is too low and causes too many approvals to be obtained.

Resolution Details: Auto approval threshold for non-catalog orders changed to $10,000.

Recommendations #18, 78 - Update buyers approval in all systems.

Problem: Purchasing buyer approval thresholds need to be specialized due to the commodities they most frequently purchase.

Resolution Details: Approvals were updated for new small purchase thresholds and more resources are now supporting this process.

Recommendation #93 – Procurement Code Changes.

Problem: Procurement Code changes are not shared as they are received from the state.

Resolution Details: As Procurement Code changes are made by the state, these changes are communicated via the OBFS News service. Please sign up for the OBFS News service and select the ‘Procurement’ topic to receive these notifications. 

12. Payment Processing - PO Invoice

Recommendation #30 - Evaluate Special Payment Request form use and processing.

Problem: There are multiple forms to request special payment handling and the forms are not user friendly.

Resolution Details: The Purchase Order Special Payment Request Form itself has been updated, no additional update beyond the new Purchase Order Special Payment Request Form.

Recommendation #55 - Simplify the Special Payment Request form process and create a workflow system for the form.

Problem: There are multiple forms to request special payment handling and the forms are not user friendly.

Resolution Details: Creation of a smart form to walk the requester through the information necessary to request a special payment.

Recommendation #31 - Evaluate use of Corporate Travel Planners for group purchases.

Problem: Corporate Travel Planners does not appear to provide the ability to book group accommodations.

Resolution Details: Corporate Travel Planners is providing group travel bookings.

13. Payment Processing - Non-Employee & Non-PO Transactions

Recommendation #3 - Create a cross-reference look-up for TEM/Banner document codes.

Problem: Nowhere to find TEM and Banner document code definitions for cross-reference.

Resolution Details: TEM job aid video created.

Last Updated: March 6, 2019

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