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Source2Pay (S2P)

Source-to-pay is the entire end-to-end process involved in procurement. Within the University of Illinois System, it includes 28 processes from New Vendor Setup and Profile Management to Payment Action Request.

News and Updates

S2P Updates - September 22, 2020

Members of the S2P Program Team presented at the Business Manager Group (BMG) meetings at the three universities in September. The team updated the BMG community with the most recent program developments and information pertaining to:

  • iBuy Optimization Stage 1
    New solutions are being developed for implementation in iBuy as part of the eProcurement Optimization process.
  • Contracts+ Pilot (iCS Replacement)
    Customer Advisory Group (CAG) has been formed for Contracts+ Pilot and the first round of prototype validation is about to commence.
  • Travel Reimbursement
    Customer Advisory Group (CAG) has been formed for Travel Reimbursement and conducted a product demo on June 22.

Please visit the Resources section of this website to view the S2P September BMG presentation deck.

For questions, please email the Change Management Team by contacting Kevin Abell at, Filip Przybysz at


S2P Updates – May 28, 2020

iBuy Optimization
The team conducted two virtual kick-off meetings in May with the implementation partner RiseNow.

  • E-Procurement
    The meeting on May 18 was dedicated to E-Procurement optimization and covered reviews of potential solutions for known system/process with nonNet30 payment terms, standing orders, class codes, and print fax version. It was confirmed that the Invoicing module will be installed during the 2nd phase of iBuy Optimization. Optimization issues were prioritized and sub teams were created to work on each of the eight topics identified. A Weekly Functional configuration workshop, Weekly Core Team meeting and Sponsors Meeting were all created.
  • Contracts+
    Contract management was addressed at the May 19 session, beginning with examination of contract types and subtypes. The use Contract Compliance Tracking (CCT) will be extended by the university as part of the overall contract system, not as a separate module. It will be used to track spending, and will likely include tracking of E-Procurement contracts.

Travel Reimbursement
The S2P Change Management Team in partnership with University Payables (UPAY) invited participants to a Customer Advisory Group (CAG) for a demo of a potential TEM replacement, scheduled for June 22, 2020. The list of invitees includes faculty from the three universities, along with business and administration staff. The selection criteria were based on high rate of returns, past engagement with TEM feedback and improvement initiatives, high volume of TEM users and input from the Office of VP for Academic Affairs.

Click here to view the Project Teams on ZOOM during kick-off meetings

projects kick-off pictures projects kick-off pictures2

For questions, please email the Change Management Team by contacting Kevin Abell at, Filip Przybysz at

S2P Updates – April 23, 2020

Source-to-pay is the entire end-to-end process involved in procurement. The Source2Pay program has been divided into five areas of focus. To better understand the program relationship, please view the graphics below

Click on the image to view the iBuy Optimization status chart

source2pay program relationship

ibuy optimization chart

S2P Updates – February 14, 2020

The iBuy Optimization project of the Source2Pay (S2P) Program, which was previously identified as one of the five areas of focus, is in progress and remaining on course with the initiative’s key objectives. The S2P Transition Team successfully completed contract negotiations in the fourth quarter of the calendar year 2019, and the iBuy Optimization Stage 1 will continue to follow the implementation plan as outlined below. In this stage of the process, the iBuy Optimization has been divided into two initiatives that will run in parallel:

1. Contracts + (component of iBuy Optimization and Contract Manager)

  • Configure system in full for all contract types
  • Partial contracts load
  • Add pilot users

2. eProcurement Optimization (component of iBuy Optimization)

  • Address Opportunities List
  • Improve utilization of e-Procurement

Additionally, we encourage you to visit the Get Involved section of the S2P website to take advantage of the discussion board. This resource is available for you to share questions and testimonies as they relate to the S2P process and receive answers and feedback from your peers and the discussion board moderators. You are able to both create posts and comment on other discussions to help you navigate and understand the changes that this initiative will bring.

The Source2Pay (S2P) website is being continually updated with new information regarding this initiative to keep you informed about the progress. To stay informed about Source2Pay (S2P), be sure to come back and visit this page frequently.

The S2P project is a large-scale initiative that will result in increased efficiencies and benefits to you and the University of Illinois System.

For questions, email the Change Management Team at

Last updated: June 3, 2020

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