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Source2Pay (S2P)

Source-to-pay is the entire end-to-end process involved in procurement. Within the University of Illinois System, it includes 28 processes from New Vendor Setup and Profile Management to Payment Action Request.

News and Updates

S2P Updates – February 14, 2020

The iBuy Optimization project of the Source2Pay (S2P) Program, which was previously identified as one of the five areas of focus, is in progress and remaining on course with the initiative’s key objectives. The S2P Transition Team successfully completed contract negotiations in the fourth quarter of the calendar year 2019, and the iBuy Optimization Stage 1 will continue to follow the implementation plan as outlined below. In this stage of the process, the iBuy Optimization has been divided into two initiatives that will run in parallel:

1. Contracts + (component of iBuy Optimization and Contract Manager)

  • Configure system in full for all contract types
  • Partial contracts load
  • Add pilot users

2. eProcurement Optimization (component of iBuy Optimization)

  • Address Opportunities List
  • Improve utilization of e-Procurement

Additionally, we encourage you to visit the Get Involved section of the S2P website to take advantage of the discussion board. This resource is available for you to share questions and testimonies as they relate to the S2P process and receive answers and feedback from your peers and the discussion board moderators. You are able to both create posts and comment on other discussions to help you navigate and understand the changes that this initiative will bring.

The Source2Pay (S2P) website is being continually updated with new information regarding this initiative to keep you informed about the progress. To stay informed about Source2Pay (S2P), be sure to come back and visit this page frequently.

The S2P project is a large-scale initiative that will result in increased efficiencies and benefits to you and the University of Illinois System.

For questions, email the Change Management Team at, or visit the S2P Discussion Board.

Last updated: February 17, 2020

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