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To:        Our Customers

From:    Duane Elmore, Assistant Vice President for Procurement Services

The Office of Procurement Services is engaged in a comprehensive review of the source-to-pay process at the University. Our vision is to "Develop and execute a transparent source-to-pay process that delivers user-friendly, compliant and cost-effective solutions." 

This engagement will provide a significant opportunity for improvement in our daily operations and will ultimately impact every department within the University system. To assist us in this effort, a multi-functional team of experts is documenting 24 processes (listed below) and evaluating them for improvements.

I understand that collectively we have limited resources and appreciate your support as we work toward an improved Source2Pay process. This effort is long overdue, but the investment we make towards this initiative will create vast benefits for the entire University in the the future. 

Should you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please get involved or send your comments using the form below. I thank you in advance for your participation. 

Last Updated: June 8, 2017

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