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Employee Reimbursements

Miscellaneous Reimbursements

Cash Purchases

Cash purchases made on behalf of the University of the Illinois System by individual staff members or other authorized individuals must conform to the restrictions placed on purchases for University of Illinois and State employees (See Policy Section 7.2, Purchase of Goods and Services) and must not exceed $499.00 for a single transaction. "Stringing" (making successive small purchases or payments) to bypass the $499.00 limitation is not permissible.

In addition, these purchases must also conform to the prohibitions and restrictions placed on certain commodities and services procured when using the Chrome River system or the P-card program. Restrictions of this nature would include alcoholic beverages, firearms and ammunition, furniture, animals, and chemicals. For a complete listing of such restrictions, please refer to Section 7.6, P-Card, of the OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual.

Sales Tax

The U of I System is a tax-exempt institution; however the unit must provide proof of that exemption to the seller. The system is also exempt from sales tax in some other states. See OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual; Section 18.6, Sales and Use Tax/Goods and Services Tax. Individuals making cash purchases for approved business purposes should present a copy of the U of I System's State of IL Sales Tax Exempt Letter to the merchant and request that sales tax not be charged. The system reserves the right to deduct the amount of sales tax paid when reimbursing individuals for cash purchases.


Chrome River will be used to reimburse staff members or authorized individuals for purchases made using personal funds. These reimbursements are subject to the $499.00 limit and must be accompanied by supporting documentation in Chrome River.

Last Updated: July 19, 2022

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