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Creating Sealed Bid Specifications

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It is the responsibility of the requisitioners to supply full and complete specifications for the products they are requesting be purchased. Information including description/product number, quantity and units, cost estimate, desired delivery dates, delivery information, and any considerations including "special university or governmental approvals" are to be supplied to the Purchasing Division for incorporation in the bid if appropriate. If the requisitioner has been in contact with vendors who can supply the products, those names and addresses should be forwarded to the Purchasing Division. Note: not all vendors have registered their companies with the University of Illinois System and may not be on the bid list.

Some Purchasing Divisions have samples of bids for example only. A request for a sample should be made with the specific Purchasing Division for the product or service you are procuring. The unique requirements of some commodities preclude a "cookie cutter" bid approach.

Illinois State procurement law mandates that bids and sole sources be advertised for 14 full days on the Illinois Higher Education Procurement Bulletin In order to have 14 full days, the bid is advertised on the partial 15th day.

Sole source procurements and awards made pursuant to a competitive bid process are subject to review by the Procurement Policy Board (PPB).

Additional time may be needed for obtaining information as well as preparation time for the Purchasing Division. The formal "Sealed Bid opening" is a public opening at the Purchasing Division offices. After the bids have been read aloud, they are given to the Purchasing Division for preliminary review and then forwarded to the department for evaluation. The length of time the department needs for the evaluation can vary. After the evaluation is completed, the information must be returned to the Purchasing Division who will review the evaluation and issue an award.

Bid Submission Forms

Chicago - UIC Solicitation Information Form (SIF)

Urbana - Competitive Solicitation Request Form

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