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Purchases Not Subject to the Illinois Procurement Code

The Illinois Procurement Code (Code) and Administrative Rules define specific types of purchases which are not subject to the Code. A purchase which falls under one of the following types of purchases are considered purchases not subject to the Code.

  • Contracts between the State and its political subdivisions or other governments, or between State governmental bodies
  • Grants (provided by, not to, the University of Illinois System), except for the filing requirements of Section 20-80
  • Hiring of an individual as employee and not as an independent contractor, whether pursuant to an employment code or policy or by contract directly with that individual
  • Collective bargaining contracts
  • Purchase of real estate, except that notice of this type of contract with a value of more than $25,000 must be published in the Procurement Bulletin
  • Contracts necessary to prepare for anticipated litigation, enforcement actions, or investigations, provided that the chief legal counsel of the University of Illinois System shall give his or her prior approval
  • Contracts for services, commodities, and equipment to support the delivery of timely forensic science services in consultation with and subject to the approval of the Chief Procurement Officer
  • Contracts for participation expenditures required by a domestic or international trade show or exhibition of an exhibitor, member, or sponsor

Purchases which the Code does not apply may require a posting published on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin – Public Institutions of Higher Education. Some purchases which the Code does not apply may continue to require compliance with Federal acquisition requirements. Contact the Purchasing Division for information regarding a purchase which the Code does not apply.

Last Updated: August 15, 2017

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