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Commodity Code Description Procedure for Requisitions/Purchase Orders

The Office of Business and Financial Services is changing the way commodity information is submitted on a requisition/purchase to simplify the receiving and payment processes.

Effective immediately, the following will be the standard when submitting a requisition:

  • Commodity Codes - Select the commodity code number that best describes the commodity you are requesting. Refer to the major classes and detailed commodity codes for a full listing.

    (Note: you are still required to use commodity codes)

  • Description Field - Once you have tabbed and the generic description defaults in the description field, place a single period in the description field.

    (Note: You must place the period there to override the generic commodity code description)

    After the period, enter the vendor's catalog number (if available) and a brief description of what you are purchasing as shown in the following example. (No more than 35 characters in the description field.)


    Example of description field: .9976-T Gaskets

  • Item Text - You are still required to enter any additional descriptive or clarifying information in the item text; however, you do not need to duplicate the information you entered in the commodity description.

When entering description or item text, please DO NOT USE ALL capital letters. Use upper and lower case text.

This change will make payment of invoices more efficient and aid the departments when completing the receiving process.

In Banner, if a Regular Purchase Order has been used and the Receiving Required indicator is Yes, it evokes a three-way match: Purchase Order (PO), Invoice, Receiving document. This means that after the PO is issued, the invoice cannot be paid in Banner without an electronic receiving document being completed. The receiving function in Banner is to be completed by the department using the Banner form FPARCVD.

The job aid that OBFS has created to help with this function is: FNPO 101 - Basic Receiving.

Questions about the new commodity code description procedure or the receiving function should be directed to Barbara Roemer 217-333-8201 or Kandra Miller at 217-333-2224.

Last Updated: February 20, 2004

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