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FY 15 Renewal and New Orders

Schedule for Submitting Purchase Requisitions for FY 2014 Encumbrances

To all personnel involved in preparing and approving requisitions:

Fiscal Year 2014 will end on June 30, 2014. Completed and approved requisitions for purchase of goods and services that are to be charged to your Fiscal Year 2014 budget must be received in the Purchasing Division by the dates listed below in order to assure encumbrance of funds in FY 2014. If the deadline dates indicated below are not met, Purchasing may not be able to complete your transaction prior to July 1. Purchase orders issued after July 1 will be charged to your Fiscal Year 2015 budget.

Purchase Request Amount Date Due in UIUC/UIS
Purchasing Division
$1,000,000 or more for commodities, general services and/or professional and artistic services February 21, 2014
$55,400 to $999,999 for commodities and general services March 7, 2014
$20,000 to $999,999 for professional and artistic services March 7, 2014
Up to $55,400 for commodities and general services May 9, 2014
Up to $19,999 for professional and artistic services May 9, 2014
Between $5,000 and up to $55,400 for iBuy completed and approved requisitions May 9, 2014
Up to $77,700 for construction and construction-related services May 9, 2014

Purchase Request Amount Date Due in
Chicago Purchasing Division
Requests at or above the bid limit March 31, 2014
Requests below the bid limit May 9, 2014

For purchases that require extensive lead times for production and delivery (i.e. furniture and/or specially designed equipment), please submit purchase requisitions well in advance of the dates indicated above.

Urbana Campus Only: The Urbana campus Purchasing Office is experiencing delays in processing solicitations and certain small dollar purchases that require vendors to submit the State of Illinois Financial Disclosure and Conflict of Interest form. These procurements require review and approval by the State Procurement Officer assigned to the Urbana campus. To allow for extended processing time, units should submit requests for renewals as soon as possible and no later than the submission deadlines. The Urbana Purchasing Office will make every effort to complete renewals received by the submission deadlines prior to July 1; however, there can be no guarantees at this time.

All Campuses: In accordance with State Comptroller regulations, purchase orders issued on FY2014 state funds must be encumbered by June 30, 2014 and paid during the grace period (July 1 through August 31). Purchases not paid during the grace period will be charged to an appropriate Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) fund. Specific dates for submitting invoices will be provided in a letter to be issued by the Office of Business and Financial Services.

Purchases of $1,000,000 or more for commodities and general services and for professional and artistic services must be approved by the Board of Trustees. The Board meeting date to submit FY14 encumbrances is: May 14, 2014. Purchase orders cannot be issued and encumbrances cannot be established until Board approval is obtained.

Change orders for existing FY2014 encumbrances that are 25% or more of the total annual expenditure previously approved by the Board require additional Board approval. If you anticipate a need for a change order for goods or services that will exceed the 25% criteria for the remainder of the fiscal year, you must submit a requisition to the Purchasing Division in adequate time to obtain the necessary Board approval. Payments to suppliers will not be made until the Board has approved the change order.

All renewals for professional and artistic services, commodities and general services of $1,000,000 or more require Board approval. Requisitions for these renewals need to be submitted to the Purchasing Division in adequate time to obtain the necessary Board approval.

The following chart provides the date for the remaining FY 2014 Board of Trustees meeting with the applicable deadline dates for submitting information.

Sole Source Purchases Due to Purchasing Division All Other Purchases (non-Sole Source) Due to Purchasing Division Board of Trustees Meeting Dates
February 28, 2014 March 21, 2014* May 14, 2014

*All formal bidding, evaluations, approvals, etc. must be completed by this date.


For additional information, contact your campus Purchasing Division.

Chicago campus:

Ruth Rios, 312-996-7074,

Arlene Shorter, 312-413-4068,

Aaron Rosenthal, 312-996-8074,

Chicago iBuy Assistance: Contact information is found on the iBuy@YourService IntranetLink opens new windowsite .

Springfield campus:

Jill Menezes, 217-206-6651

Debi Barr-Holquist, 217-206-6606

Urbana-Champaign campus:

Justin Johnston, 217-333-6261,

Brad Henson, 217-300-2459,

Megan Wells, Banner System Assistance, 217-333-3561,

iBuy Help Desk, 217-333-3102

Last Updated: March 26, 2014

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