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Payroll & Benefits

Award Payments

The University of Illinois System allows awards to be paid to employees for outstanding service. Awards are subject to the following supplemental tax rates: 22% federal, 4.95% state and 1.45% (plus an additional 0.9% for wages in excess of $200,000 in a calendar year) Medicare if applicable. Awards can be grossed up (Payment Gross-Up Calculator) with the net pay equal to the award, or taxes can be withheld from the award amount. Instructions, policy, and helpful tools related to the award payment process are available on OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual, 4.3.3 Process Employee Recognition Awards.

Awards are submitted to University Payroll & Benefits through ANA. Awards are paid via direct deposit. Please allow at least ten days for processing and indicate the date of the ceremony. Awards will be deposited after the ceremony date unless other arrangements are requested. University Payroll & Benefits will assist in figuring the gross amount to be paid when grossing up is desired. Please call Chicago 312-996-7200 (Phone Number requires dialing all 10-digits), Urbana 217-265-6363, Springfield 217-206-7144 if you need assistance.

Last Updated: July 23, 2018

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