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Payroll Adjustment Processing

Payroll adjustments are required when an employee does not receive the correct amount of pay, or no pay at all. The department must submit an approved adjustment request to make corrections in the weekly off-cycle payroll adjustment calculation. Adjustments approved by 5 p.m. Friday are scheduled to be paid the following Friday. This schedule is subject to change during weeks with holidays. Notice of holiday schedule changes are provided in the Payroll & Benefits Newsletter and the Business and Finance News Feed.

Reducing and Minimizing Adjustments

Payroll adjustments should avoided by maintaining good payroll practices. You can reduce the number of adjustments needed and minimize the impact on the employee and the unit by:

  1. Make sure job records are correct before payroll calculation.
  2. Maintain unit security for those performing payroll functions.
  3. Review timesheets for accuracy before approving.
  4. Meet all deadlines posted in the Payroll Schedule.
  5. Use all methods available to correct timesheets before payroll calculation.

See the job aids for Preventing or Reducing Payroll Adjustments.




Two applications are available for making payroll adjustment requests: the Adjustment Notification Application (ANA) and the Payroll Adjustment Request Interface System (PARIS).


Payroll overpayment or PUA transactions do not adjust the employee’s leave balance. Submit a leave balance adjustment for each transaction which changes leave usage.

Payroll Adjustment Request Interface System (PARIS)

PARIS is the payroll adjustment entry system that interfaces with Banner, the payroll system of record. Two kinds of adjustments are available in PARIS.

Current Pay Adjustment (CPA)


  • Corrects time entry errors when timesheets are in an approved status but before the CPA deadline (usually Wednesday at 10:00 am).
  • Overwrites erroneous timesheet/pay data with corrected payroll information.

Prior Underpayment Adjustment (PUA)


  • Adjustment to pay an employee missed payroll.
  • Requires training to gain access.

See the PARIS Resource Page for job aids and training.

Adjustment Notification Application (ANA)

ANA is a secured Web-based application used to initiate requests for other payroll adjustments not processed in PARIS, such as the following:

  • Request adjustments to correct payroll overpayments and to initiate overpayment collection.
  • Notify Human Resources to update leave benefits for exempt and non-exempt Civil Service employees.
  • Notify UPB to stop payment to an employee after payment has been calculated but not yet distributed.

View the Adjustment Notification Application (ANA) Job Aids on how to use ANA or browse the ANA Frequently Asked Questions.

See Overpayments Job Aids and the Overpayments page for more information..

Last Updated: Dec. 17, 2019

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