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Why is My Paycheck Different?

Variations in Net Pay

You may notice variations in the amount of your net pay from one pay period to the next. Net pay differences may be related to a change in salary (i.e., gross pay), tax withholdings, or other deductions. In addition, you may see different net pay as a result of taxable benefits, tuition waivers, overpayments and other adjustments to pay. You can determine the cause of a difference by comparing your current and former earnings statements. You can see an earnings statement sample at: Sample Earnings Statement. Questions about variations in net pay can be directed to UPB via the University Payroll & Benefits Service Portal.

Gross Pay Changes

Tax Variations



Questions about your earnings and gross pay can be answered by your college, administrative office, or Human Resources representative. If you have any questions about the deduction amounts reflected in your earnings statement, please contact UPB via the University Payroll & Benefits Service Portal.

Additional information about earnings statements, including a sample, can be found at: Earnings Statements.

Last Updated: May 19, 2023

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