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Payroll & Benefits

Voluntary Deductions

Payroll Checks include many different voluntary deductions. The deductions would fall into the following categories:

Benefit Deductions

Payroll deductions for benefits such as health, life, disability insurance are entered in the system by University Payroll & Benefits. All questions regarding these deduction should be directed to University Payroll & Benefits:

  • UIC:   312-996-7200 (Phone Number requires dialing all 10-digits)

  • UIS:   217-206-7144

  • UIUC: 217-265-6363


Employees that have parking permits for University Parking may have monthly deductions taken directly from earnings. Any questions regarding this deductions should be directed to the Parking Office. Effective Jan. 1, 2020, all parking benefits offered by the University of Illinois System will change from post-tax to pre-tax. FAQs regarding this change are available here.

Voluntary Agreements

Employees that have State Offset deduction (IS1- ILARPMT) can elect to contact the agency directly to arrange for a voluntary withholding amount, generally reducing the monthly amount.

  • The employee must contact the agency and make arrangements.

  • After the employee and the agency agree upon an amount, the employee must complete a Voluntary Deduction Agreement form and forward it to University Payroll.

  • University Payroll will fax the Voluntary Agreement form to the fax number, contact person and agency noted on the Voluntary Agreement form.

  • University Payroll will honor voluntary agreements in lieu of the 25% AR50B State offset deduction (IS1- ILARPMT) upon confirmation from the agency. The voluntary deduction will begin the next available pay period following the completion and return of the voluntary agreement form by the agency to University Payroll. 

    • The deduction will continue until a Revocation Card is submitted to stop the deduction or the agency sends us a release. Revocation cards should be returned to the Payroll Customer Service Center.

University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Illinois at Springfield
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Marshfield Avenue Building,
Room 110 (MC 547)
809 South Marshfield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612-7205
BSB 85,
One University Plaza
Springfield, IL 62703
Henry Administration Building,
  177 (MC 318)
506 S. Wright St.
Urbana, IL 61801
  • The person listed as the Agency Contact will inform the Comptroller to stop the AR50B 25% deduction (IS1- ILARPMT). The agency controls when the Involuntary State Deduction from the state will stop.

University Payroll does not have any information or control over the AR50B deductions (IS1- ILARPMT) employees must work with the agency that initiated the deduction.

Charity Deductions

For information, please contact:

Last Updated: January 27, 2020

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