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Payroll & Benefits

Voluntary Deductions

Payroll checks or deposits include many different voluntary deductions. The deductions would fall into the following categories:

Benefit Deductions

Many employees are eligible for benefits that are deducted from payroll earnings. All questions regarding these deductions should be directed to UPB at the University Payroll & Benefits Service Portal.

  • Insurance: such as health, dental, life, disability
  • Flexible spending accounts and health savings plan
  • Supplemental retirement plans
  • Optional State benefits

Campus Recreation

Employees that have membership in a campus recreation center may have deductions taken directly from earnings.  Any questions regarding this deduction should be directed to the campus recreation center.

Charity Deductions 

Employees may contribute to a variety of charitable organizations via payroll deduction as part of the State and University Employees Combined Appeal (SECA).

For information, please see:


Employees holding parking permits for campus parking may have deductions taken directly from earnings. Any questions regarding this deduction should be directed to the applicable parking office (Directory - University of Illinois System - Parking).

Union Dues 

Employees may request to have dues withheld or revoked through their labor union. Any questions regarding this deduction should be directed to the respective union.

Voluntary Agreements

Employees may discover that an Illinois State Offset Accounts Receivable deduction has been imposed (displayed as IL State Offset - Accts Rec on the earnings statement). In some cases, the employee can arrange for a voluntary deduction agreement to be set up, usually to reduce the withholding amount for each payroll.

UPB does not have any information or control over Illinois State Offset deductions. Employees must work with the agency that initiated the deduction.

Employee instructions:

  1. If unsure of the state agency money is owed to, contact the State Comptroller to inquire.
    • 312 814-2451 or
    • 217-782-7525
  2. Contact the state agency and discuss the possibility of making repayment arrangements directly with the agency.
  3. After an amount is agreed upon, complete a Voluntary Payroll Deduction Agreement form and send it to University Payroll & Benefits (UPB). Instructions are provided on the form.

UPB will set up a voluntary deduction according to this agreement effective the next available pay period.

The voluntary deduction will continue until (a.) the agency sends a release or (b.) a Revocation Form is submitted to stop the deduction.

  1. Agency Release: upon completion of the agreement, the agency will send a release to UPB. The deduction will be stopped.
  2. Revocation Form: the employee may submit a Revocation Form at any time to stop the deduction.
    • The revocation form is submitted online directly to UPB.
    • If the debt has not been satisfied, the Illinois State Offset deduction will be reinstated by the State Comptroller. The person listed as the agency contact is the only one who can inform the State Comptroller to stop the Illinois State Offset deduction. The agency controls when the involuntary deduction from the state will stop.

If you have questions about setting up a voluntary agreement, contact UPB through the University Payroll & Benefits Service Portal.

Last Updated: August 26, 2022

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