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Payments to Vendors

Adding a Banner Vendor to iBuy

Step 1: Submit an email to OBFS UIVendor at
Step 2: Type "iBuy Vendor Add" in the email Subject line
Step 3: In the body of the email, type the Banner Vendor Name, Banner ID, and the requestor's name, phone, email, and department


Upon receipt of the email request, the University Payables Vendor Group will determine if a current Vendor Information Form and fax/email address is on file for the vendor. If this information is not available or current, the department will be asked to obtain a new Vendor Information Form from the vendor.

NOTE: Checking to see if a current Vendor Information Form and phone/fax/email address is on file for the vendor prior to submitting your request will help reduce processing delays.

- Look up the Vendor ID in FTMVEND to see if a Vendor Information Form is on file by clicking on the 3rd tab titled "Vendor Types". The wording "W9 - W9 Vendor Add Form on file" under "Code" indicates a Vendor Information Form is on file. A new Vendor Information Form must be completed if this indication is not listed.
- If a Vendor Information Form is already on file, click on the Additional Information tab to determine if the form is current (less than two years old). Look for the "Status Date" field, which will show the date the last form was received. If this field is blank, it has been over three years since a form was received.
- If a Vendor Information Form is on file, and current, click on the address tab to determine if the vendor's address you want to use is listed as a "BP" Address Type with a phone & fax number listed. If the address is not available as a "BP" address type, or does not contain phone and fax information, a new Vendor Information Form must be completed.
  • An email will be sent to the department requestor when the vendor information has been verified in Banner.
  • The vendor will be added to the iBuy system within 48 business hours of the email notification.

Questions related to Vendor Setup/Maintenance or iBuy Vendor Setup may be emailed to:

Questions specific to the iBuy system/operations should be directed to

Last Updated: November 20, 2017

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