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Payments to Vendors

Vendor Invoice Payment Process

Purchase Order Invoices

The University of Illinois System standard payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date. To help facilitate the payment process, please follow one of the two options below..


Vendors should email invoices to upayvendorinvoices@uillinois.eduAll invoices must adhere to the following criteria, or they cannot be processed for payment:

  • Accepted file types are .pdf or .tif
  • Ten invoices can be attached to a single email submittal; however, each invoice must be a separate file attachment.
  • Invoice should reference one purchase order (PO) number with available funds.
  • A unique invoice number, not to exceed 15 characters, is noted.
  • Vendor/Company name, along with a business remittance address, is listed.
  • Invoice date is present.
  • Goods and/or services, along with itemized pricing (quantity and unit price), is detailed.
  • Current amount due is totaled.
  • Avoid highlighting or red text on invoices.
  • Statements are not processed for payment.

If invoices cannot be emailed, Vendors should mail invoices to:

University of Illinois
Invoice Processing Center
P.O. Box 820
Rantoul, IL 61866

PO invoices should be mailed from the vendor to Payables. If a PO invoice is mailed to your unit by a vendor, units may submit them to or mailed to the USPS address listed above.


Invoices and supporting documents are scanned and loaded into Banner Document Management (BDM) for processing by the Invoice Processing Center. Due to daily volume received, this process could take up to 5 business days. UPAY receives approximately 1,300 vendor invoices per day. Invoices are reviewed and processed by receipt/load date, oldest to newest, in accordance with the terms of the PO. The current PO invoice processing date is posted at: this website. Units can view the invoice in BDM by vendor invoice number, PO number, or invoice amount.  Once a UPAY team member has started processing the invoice in BDM, the unit can view the invoice in Banner FOIDOCH as well.


Payment is issued in accordance with the terms of the PO.  Payment methods include, ACH/direct deposit, wire transfer, ePayables (virtual credit card payments), and paper check.  Once issued, payment information is available in Banner FOIDOCH or Banner FAIVNDH.

Unpaid/Rejected Invoices:

Invoices scanned and loaded into BDM may reject for various reasons:

  • Duplicate vendor invoice number
  • Duplicate invoice submittal
  • PO number is inaccurate or incomplete
  • PO is closed or cancelled

Current technology does not allow for units to be notified when an invoice is rejected, but the invoice image is viewable in Invoice Rejects in Banner Document Management (BDM). UPAY reviews rejected invoices on a regular basis and will contact the unit if additional information is needed. UPAY also processes and issues payment on rejected invoices, if able.

Invoices on Hold

There are instances where invoices may be put on hold due to lack of necessary information or if they do not match their corresponding PO.  Most common reasons for invoices to be put on hold are for tolerance or lack of a shipping line on an iBuy-originated PO.

Payables sends automated emails for the majority of invoice holds.  Those emails are driven by the hold code entered in the UREF1 field in BDM, and are sent to the PO requestor, unit financial manager, and the appropriate Purchasing office.

Automatic Email Codes

This invoice appears to be a duplicate shipment

This invoice contains a line item(s) which does not appear on the purchase order.

University Payables must have an email approval for all invoices over $50,000 on a standing order

The invoice amount exceeds the amount remaining on the PO

This invoice contains a line item(s) which does not match the price(s) listed on the purchase order

This invoice contains a line item(s) which appears to be a substitutions(s) for a commodity listed on the purchase order

This invoice contains a line item(s) which appear to be of a different unit of measure than that listed on the purchase order

The purchase order referenced on invoice is assigned to another vendor

The freight charges on the invoice seem excessive

This purchase order references an incorrect vendor ID

This is a Bid Order and requires buyer approval

FOB terms on the Banner purchase order do not allow payment of freight charges, OR there is no freight line on an iBuy PO

Invoice, order, shipping, service date occurs before the purchase order transaction date

Invoiced freight amount exceeds the iBuy PO amount

Expired state funds

Manual Email Codes

The purchase order has been cancelled

The purchase order is closed.

The purchase order is incomplete in Banner

The purchase order referenced on the invoice is expired. Please provide a current valid PO number.

Hold for credit or to determine the validity of credit

New vendor information form is needed

Invoice placed on hold per department request

Invoice has an issue that needs to be handled by Payables

PO needs to roll to next fiscal year before payment can be made

Address on invoice needs to be added to Banner

A wire transfer payment may be required

Increase of PO needs approval by the Board of Trustees

There are instances where Payables processors need to provide more specific information to the originating unit, and manual emails are constructed and sent. Units are encouraged to respond to these emails rather than beginning a new email string so that Payables can identify these responses and efficiently forward to the appropriate group for processing.

Purchase Order Electronic Invoices (e-Invoices)

e-Invoices are the electronic submission of invoice data in iBuy from a vendor to the University e-Invoices are assigned a permanent number (INxxxxxx) and are processed in iBuy.  All invoice data transmitted by the vendor will be available for view on the invoice Summary screen in iBuy e-Invoice payment information can be found on the iBuy invoice or in Banner FOIDOCH.

Unit e-Processing Responsibilities:

  • e-Invoices which total  $50,000 or more will route to the department Invoice Acknowledgers for payment approval. Set up and maintain at least two Invoice Acknowledger roles in iBuy through your Unit Security Contact (USC).
  • Review e-Invoice web-based training on the OBFS Website.
  • Respond to UPAY or Purchasing via the iBuy e-Invoice Comments function to inquiries regarding price discrepancies and over tolerances.

Last Updated: September 9, 2022

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