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Payments to Vendors

Vendor Invoice Payment Process

Purchase Order Invoices

The University of Illinois System standard payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date. To help facilitate the payment process, please follow one of the two options below. 

Note: If an invoice does not contain a purchase order number it cannot be scanned and loaded into Banner Document Management (BDM) and will be discarded.

Vendor mails invoice to Invoice Processing Center:

University of Illinois
Invoice Processing Center
P.O. Box 820
Rantoul, IL 61866

The Invoice Processing Center scans and loads the invoices and supporting documents into Banner Document Management (BDM) for processing by University Payables (UPAY).

Vendor or unit emails invoice to

  • Accepted file types are .pdf or .tif
  • Multiple invoices can be attached to a single email, however each invoice must be a separate attachment (up to 10 attachments per email)
  • UPAY forwards invoice to Invoice Processing Center

Vendors will be required to revert to paper invoice submission if they do not meet U of I System criteria for emailing invoices.

All invoices must contain the following information or the invoice cannot be processed:

  • A valid university purchase order number with available funds
    • Only one purchase order number per invoice
    • Invoices cannot be processed with multiple purchase order numbers
  • A unique invoice number, not to exceed 15 characters.
  • Vendor/Company name
  • Vendor/Company remittance address
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice total
  • Description of goods and/or services
  • Detailed/ itemized pricing information (quantity and unit pricing)

Do not mail statements to the Invoice Processing Center. Payments cannot be made from statements. Avoid highlighting and/or using red text on invoices.

NOTE: If an invoice has a duplicate invoice number and/or if the purchase order number is closed, the invoice is sent to Invoice Rejects in Banner Document Management (BDM).

  • Current technology does not allow for units to be notified when an invoice is rejected.

Purchase order invoices should never be mailed to a unit. If a purchase order related invoice is mailed to your unit by a vendor, please do the following:

  • Ensure a valid and open purchase order number is referenced on the invoice and the invoice contains the information listed above
  • Forward the invoice to the Invoice Processing Center or email
  • No additional paperwork is needed.

Invoice Processing Center scans invoice into the Banner Document Management (BDM) open queue

Due to daily volume received, this process could take up to 5 business days. University Payables (UPAY) receives approximately 1300 vendor invoices per day.

UPAY processes by invoice date, oldest to newest, in accordance with the terms of the PO

Current PO Invoice processing dates are posted at:

Units can check invoice status in Banner Form FOIDOCH

Once the invoice is scanned, units can view the invoice in BDM by vendor invoice number. Units cannot view the invoice in Banner under the University Purchase Order number in FOIDOCH until a University Payables processor has started to process the invoice in Banner. The invoice can be looked up in FOIDOCH under the invoice 'I' number at any time.

Checks are printed and mailed on Thursday every week (adjusted for University of Illinois System Holidays)

Once printed, check numbers are viewable in Banner Form FOIDOCH.

Purchase Order Invoices over $50,000

Banner Regular Purchase Orders and iBuy Purchase Orders

All invoices $50,000 and over related to regular Banner purchase orders and iBuy purchase orders require receipt confirmation. These invoices will be processed by Payables and an automated email will be sent to the purchase order requestor advising them to complete their receiving report.
Please note, payment cannot be issued until the receiving document has been completed in Banner by the department that receives the goods or services.
To identify purchase order transactions requiring completion of a receiving document in Banner, see the Receipts Required Report - updated daily Monday - Friday

Banner Standing Purchase Orders
Units with invoices $50,000 and over related to a Banner standing purchase order will receive an automated email requiring their approval to pay. The automated email will be directed to the unit financial manager and the purchase order requestor. His or her approval should be submitted via email to

Purchase Order Electronic Invoices (e-Invoices)

What is e-Invoicing?

  • Electronic submission of invoice data from vendor to University Payables
  • Currently designed for iBuy catalog vendors only

Unit e-Processing Responsibilities:

  • Submit for set up and maintain at least two Invoice Acknowledger roles in iBuy through your Unit Security Contact (USC).

  • Review e-Invoice web-based training on OBFS Website.

  • Respond via iBuy system Invoice Comments to inquiries sent by UPAY on e-Invoice price discrepancies and over tolerances.

  • Electronic invoices totaling =>$50,000 will route to a department Invoice Acknowledger for acknowledgement of receipt of goods and services.

  • All data transmitted by the vendor will be available for view on the invoice detail screen in iBuy (including serial numbers).

  • Upon completion of the invoice, the iBuy system will assign a permanent number (INxxxxxx) which will pass over to Banner and be available for query in iBuy and Banner forms.

Last Updated: January 19, 2022

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